Thursday, August 10, 2006

Feathers! The Florida one!

Download: Feathers--"Skara Brain" MP3 (from Synchromy)
Download: Feathers--"My Apple Has Four Legs" MP3 (from Absolute Noon)

Are there many more labels out there as exciting as Hometapes? This guy/girl married power combo (now located in Boulder!) are responsible for some solid releases, particularly last year's exquisite Paul Duncan and Caribbean offerings. And the second Feathers EP (that'd be the Feathers from Miami...), Synchromy, is another stunner. Imagine Martin Denny taking the guys from CAN out for shots or bong hits. Hell, that's just promospeak. I'll stop.

This is the kind of instrumental music that reminds you how lame vocals can be and how much instruments, particularly meticulously and surprisingly recorded organic ones (thanks Soma!), can express emotionally. I've thrown a track from their last EP (#1 in this projected series of 3), Absolute Noon, as a bonus. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

whos in this band?

Team Clermont Lucas said...

Awesome people.