Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Harpooner

Jus' poonin'!

Download: Paul Brill—“Paris Is On” MP3
Download: Paul Brill—“Paris Is On” (Jason Forrest mix) MP3
Download: Paul Brill—“Paris Is On” (Pinto remix) MP3

Paul Brill’s first releases were vulnerable and plaintive twang-kissed affairs that showcased a thoughtful songwriting presence. New Pagan Love Song, his third album, which merged earlier works’ acoustic elements with found sounds, samples, and bent beats, avoided a number of the clichés and self-indulgent foibles of the acoustic guitar-meets-electronics crowd. It was a record made by a songwriter genuinely interested in the possibilities of electronic experiments in songwriting. It was an album of comfortable melancholy that took critics by storm. Harpooner continues further down that path, incorporating heavy-duty cut-and-paste collage elements for a work that comes off like a fever dream. It’s a song of reckoning, a last gasp. Its nine tales regard plague, mental illness, misanthropy, and much salt water. In this thoroughly dismantled pop record, Brill collages found sounds, jigsaw beats, and damaged vocals into a work of boxed-in desperation. "Paris Is On" is probably the poppiest song on the record; included here are remixes by Jason Forrest and Pinto. Enjoy!

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