Friday, August 25, 2006

I got those natty man blues.

Download: One Ring Zero -- "Here Come The Mannequins" (from Wake Them Up) MP3 Download: One Ring Zero -- "Natty Man Blues" (lyrics by Paul Auster--from As Smart As We Are) MP3

One Ring Zero is Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp. The Brooklyn-based duo has released five CDs, including their critically acclaimed album, As Smart As We Are, a book-cum-CD, featuring songs with lyrics contributed by such authors as Jonathan Lethem, Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster, Dave Eggers, A.M. Homes, Rick Moody, Neil Gaiman, and Denis Johnson. That's quite a lineup! Plus, that Paul Auster song is way better than that book about a dog that he did (though The Music of Chance is really fantastic.One Ring Zero plays a completely warped and intelligent pop music (I honestly can't come up with a better term, though I have read "ethno-pop" before) that comes off like Tom Waits, The Residents, and They Might Be Giants jamming at a Bar Mitzvah.

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