Monday, August 28, 2006

The Lovely Sparrows

Download: The Lovely Sparrows--"Chemicals Change"

The band we bring you today is from Austin, Texas. From what we hear, they've managed to generate some pretty good word of mouth buzz in their hometown, and if their new EP, pulling up floors, pouring on (new) paint, is any indication, it's buzz is well-deserved. With a taut, twenty minute playing length, the Sparrows get in, get to the business of delivering the pop, and get right back out. Attentive readers of the Cropper will have noticed that, in addition to having a sweet-tooth for experimental/noise, we also love some pop music. Lately, we've been particularly moved by pop EPs, having heard great ones by:
The Spinto Band (damn, actually that's just a sampler), The Little Ones, How I Became The Bomb, and Feathers to name only a few. I've started to think that the EP is the best format for pop music in general, although seven-inches are pretty boss in their own right. We also love it when good bands have their records put out by nice, competent labels, which we're glad to say is the case with The Lovely Sparrows. So, do yourself a favor and pick up their music from Abandoned Love Records.

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