Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh my GAWD! It's the Team Clermont Summer Festival

Us in better, skinnier, less bald times.

We saw Tom Waits the other day, and I desperately want to talk about that. Because it was amazing. But I can't because today marks the beginning of the TEAM CLERMONT SUMMER FESTIVAL (and Blue Ribbon Ball)! Leave it to us to come up with a festival name that long-winded!

It all starts tonight at the 40 Watt Club here in Athens, GA with this hot lineup:

Modern Skirts—One of Athens’ most popular new bands, the Modern Skirts are piano-pop dynamos, equal parts Beach Boys, Ben Folds, and Joe Jackson with transcendent harmony skills. Paste Magazine says: “The Modern Skirts make crafting unforgettable pop seem as easy as a 25-piece Winnie the Pooh puzzle.”

Download: Modern Skirts – “New York Song” MP3

Now It’s Overheard—Saddle Creek artist Now It’s Overhead is led by Athens’ ace engineer Andy Lemaster (Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, pacificUV), a master of gorgeous melancholy. His new album, Day Light Daybreak, was recorded with the help on long-time compatriots Orenda Fink (Azure Ray), Maria Taylor (Azure Ray), and Clay Leverett (Lona).

Download: Now It’s Overhead—“Wonderful Scar” MP3

LYLAS—One of Nashville’s many rising indie stars, LYLAS plays out-of-time Cole Porter meets Donovan chamber-pop that is almost too intricate and well-written to be called rock and roll but too sly to be anything else. This band’s debut album, Lessons for Lovers, has been steadily building buzz all year.

Download: LYLAS--“His Master’s Merriment” MP3

Iron Hero—This six-piece Athens-based rock band plays “shoegaze for joggers,” rhythm-heavy epics heavy on ambience and intricacy. Josh McKay from Macha produced the band’s sterling debut, Safe As Houses.

Download: Iron Hero—“Pilot” MP3

Now that's something else! It's gonna be a real hammjamm! Show up if you're in the neighborhood.

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