Friday, August 04, 2006

Round 2 of the Team Clermont Summer Festival!

THE hammjamm, indeed.

Holy crap. Last night was THE hammjamm. Iron Hero got things starting out all sweet and smooth before debuting some new rowdy rockers. Then LYLAS came and wooed the crowd with their superior songmanship...a real bunch of professionals. Nashville knows how to make musicians. Now It's Overhead sounded flat-out amazing and really knows how to fill up a room with sound. Finally, the Modern Skirts proved through the power of vocal harmonies why they're one of Athens' most popular new bands. A killer night all around.

And tonight is going to be just as good! Check it:

Tonight!—40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
Man Man—The Philly band that Pitchfork called America’s most underrated live band will be bringing their ramshackle Beefheart maraca-ed brilliance to Athens. Not to be missed. “There is vintage violence afoot, with sub-tone saxomoans and unmerry marimbas, speaking-in-tongues sing-songy vocals and garbled guitars all burping out a sloppy yet beautiful noise.” -- New York Press

Download: Man Man—“10 lb. Moustache” MP3

Dark Meat—A perfect compliment to Man Man’s live show, the 18 person-plus Dark Meat collective (full name: Dark Meat Vomit Lasers Family Band) comes off like CCR and Neil Young joining the circus on a mescaline bender. Horns, pots, pans, strings, two drummers, and lots of face paint. Featuring members of (are you ready for this?) Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, Circulatory System, Vicariously Through Cats, We Versus The Shark, Col. Knowledge and the Lickety-Splits, Hope For Agoldensummer, Venice is Sinking, the Ginger Envelope, Ceramic Dvck, among many, many others. Album coming soon on Cloud Recordings, home of Olivia Tremor Control and the Tall Dwarfs.

Download: Dark Meat—“Dead Man” MP3

White Whale—Merge Records’ newest sure-fire hitmakers, Lawrence, Kanas-based White Whale features Matt Suggs (of Butterglory fame) and a former member of the Get-Up Kids. Epic pop songs that recall the swing-for-the-fences aspects of Lieber-Stoller mixed with fellow travelers Secret Machines and Okkervil River.

Download: White Whale—“The Admiral” MP3

Pattern Is Movement—new Hometapes signees Pattern Is Movement will be making the hike down from Philly to regale us with their crazy live show. Math rock with heart? Completely deconstructed pop music? It’s hard to classify PIM, but that’s really what makes them so endearing. That and the absolutely staggering live show. A remix record with Scott Solter is on the horizon!

Download: Pattern is Movement/Scott Solter—“Maple” (remix) MP3

Come to the 40 Watt and hang with us! We love you long time!

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