Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Some random news.

First off, uber-blog Stereogum likes the Black Neon...a lot! Calling the band a "Band to Watch," Scott says the following:

Memphis Industries, who first hit our radar with the Go! Team, and more recently the Pipettes, have another headhpones treat on their roster with the psychedelic pop of Steve Webster's The Black Neon. His album Arts & Crafts is out in the US 9/12.

"The Truth" recalls recent Air, while "Ralph and Barbara" has an an off-the wall Ween vibe. "Hollywood 1,2,3" is sorta Neu! on Prozac, and guitars. As you can probably guess, there are a hundred other references points to namedrop in describing Black Neon's reverb melting pot; all you need to know is that Webster combines them with a genius pop sensibility.

Thanks, Scott! We obviously think the Black Neon is genius, too!

In other news, Pitchfork wrote a positive review for the new So Many Dynamos "joint" Flashlights. Here's what Cory Byrom had to say in his 7.3 review:

St. Louis' So Many Dynamos have their feet firmly planted on the same shaky, unstable ground as Les Savy Fav and Q and Not U. The tracks on their sophomore release, Flashlights, feature upbeat tempos and driving melodies bursting through chaotic arrangements. Their debut garnered plenty of Dismemberment Plan comparisons, and while vocalist Aaron Stovall still sounds a bit like Travis Morrison, they've built on that foundation to create their own sound-- complete with horns, banjo, piano, and a 30-piece choir. So just like the band has done, let's leave the comparisons behind and let the album hit us head on, with its own strengths and weaknesses.
I think he means shaky in a good way. Go check out the band tonight if you're in the Athens, GA area, as they will be playing at the Happy Happy Birthday To Me Popfest with Megaband, the Instruments, and more!

Download some So Many Dynamos tracks here!

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