Friday, August 11, 2006

Summer Hymns primer!

We are gonna be working a record from Summer Hymns called Backward Masks and I wanted to introduce you guys to some of their older tracks before the new record came out. Their last record, 2003's Clemency, came out before the whole blogging thing went crazy.

Download: Summer Hymns--"Half Sick of Shadows" (from Voice Brother and Sister)
Download: Summer Hymns--"Something's Going On" (from A Celebratory Arm Gesture)
Download: Summer Hymns--"Wet Mess" (from Clemency)

Certainly one of Athens' finest and most consistently rewarding bands, Summer Hymns has taken a lot of time to record its follow-up to the stellar Clemency. Trust me when I say it's gonna be worth the wait and then some. Here is a primer to the band's career, running from the poppier (but still distinctly Southern) work of Voice Brother and Sister through leader Zach Gresham's development into a rootsy songwriter par excellence, always with an eye towards production innovation and never one to turn down a walloping chorus.

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Team Clermont Lucas said...

Is that third track kind of, um, speedy when using our delicious player?