Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Two of our favorites on All Things Considered!

Candy Bars

Download: Candy Bars--"Violets"
The Theater Fire--"Fiddleback Weaver"

Two recent Cropper favorites--Candy Bars and The Theater Fire--here were featured on NPR's All Things Considered yesterday. Will Hermes did the piece on the two bands. The great thing about these bands being on NPR is that my dad and his type of folk might have actually heard the story and bought a record because of it. I don't know how many times my dad has asked me about bands he heard on NPR:

"Lucas, have you heard about this band The Glands?"
"Lucas, have you ever heard of this band called Sleater-Kinney?"

The Theater Fire

On a side note, my dad recently asked me who Robert Plant was and when I said he was the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, my father looked at me a little perplexed. He lived in Brazil from '69-'75, so I guess he has an excuse. But still.

I'm really glad that NPR is adventurous in their coverage, but the announcer (Michele Norris?) does sound kinda square when she overarticulates the phrase "indie rock."

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