Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Barsuk's Flying Circus

Download: The Long Winters -- "Pushover"
Download: What Made Milwaukee Famous -- "Idecide"
Download: Menomena -- "E Is Stable"

We caught the What Made Milwaukee Famous, Menomena, and The Long Winters tour at its first stop in Atlanta this past Friday, and came away quite impressed.

Team Clermont Publicity has always harbored a love for Menomena rivalled by precious few, and there most recent live show did not dissapoint. They still play as a trio, incorporating more instruments than you'd think it's possible for three guys to play in the span of one song. They mixed in a good number of new songs, which I can only assume will be included in their Barsuk debut, Friend and Foe, that streets January 23rd. I'm happy to report that the new tunes are winners all the way.

As much as publicity gets into Menomena, our radio department might just trump us in their borderline unhealthy obsession with The Long Winters. And, what I found at the show was that they're not alone in their fandom. The whole front row of the audience knew the words to every single song, and were, quite frankly, singing along with John Roderick like their life depended on it. One couple, conspicous fans amongst fans, was made up of a guy and his girl that were so excited you'd think they'd landed on the moon. The dude was on crutches, and nearly fell over at least three times from writhing and singing along to his favorite tunes. Fortunately, his lady was there to catch him every time. I like The Long Winters records fine, but I still had a much better time at their show than I expected. So, check this show out if it rolls through your town. Here are the remaining dates:

9/26 - Charlottesville at Satellite Ballroom
9/27 - Baltimore at Sonar
9/28 - Philadelphia at World Café Live
9/29 - NYC at Bowery Ballroom
9/30 - Boston at Harper's Ferry
10/3 - Montreal at La Sala Rossa
10/4 - Toronto at Lee's Palace
10/5 - Detroit at Magic Stick
10/6 - Chicago at Subterranean
10/7 - Minneapolis at Triple Rock Social Club

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