Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Colour Revolt

Download: Colour Revolt -- "Mattresses Underwater"
Download: Colour Revolt -- "Mattresses Underwater" (Live at the Fillmore)
Download: Colour Revolt -- "A New Family" (Maverick Remix)

Athens can be a fickle town for the travelling band. People here have a lot of local acts to choose from, and they're generally quite loyal to the Athenian bands they latch onto, but people here also like to socialize, and do a little raising of the wrist, and they aren't gonna let a little thing like a band they've never heard of playing get in the way of that. So, while it's usually tough to get a decent crowd out to see a group that's kicking the night off in the 11 slot, it's even tougher to keep them from chatting through the set. I'm not judging about this, I'm just sayin' is all more or less setting up the backdrop for this Colour Revolt post, because the first time I saw this band from Oxford, Mississippi they were in just such a slot.

I can't remember what day it was, I think it was a Friday (so they had that going for them), but they were the first band on the bill at the Caledonia. Imagine my surprise when I sauntered in to find a relatively full room at 11pm. Turns out the Psychic Hearts had been doing a good bit of grass-roots promotion throughout town that week and had brought a number of folks out to see Colour Revolt, but it was still up to the band themselves to hold the audiences attentiong, and, hold it they did. Almost immediately upon arrival, I was pulled aside by Mike (who was running sound) and Bryant, of Hello-Sir Records, and grilled as to what I knew about the band. Both were quite impressed with Colour Revolt's live show, and believe me when I tell you they're tough critics. Truthfully, they had every reason to be impressed. Colour Revolt plays with an energy and abandon that's not often found in your run of the mill opener. People didn't go outside to smoke while they played their set, people didn't really do too much talking either, people mostly watched the band, and by all accounts were impressed with what they saw. They've played to good-sized, enthusiastic crowds here every show since.

My thinking and hope is that if Colour Revolt can do well here in Athens, picking up enthusiastic supporters like the gents from Cinemechanica and Iron Hero along the way, then they've got a good shot at winning you over as well. So, check out the songs we're offering for download today, and catch the band on the road here:

Sep 16 - East Atlanta Strut / Paste Rock and Reel Fest (afternoon) - Atlanta, GA
Sep 16 - Caledonia Lounge (night) - Athens, GA
Sep 21 - Thacker Mountain Radio Show - Oxford, MS
Sep 22 - The Cavern - Dallas, TX
Sep 28 - Newby's - Memphis, TN
Sep 29 - The Basement - Nashville, TN
Oct 7 - The Capri - Jackson, MS
Oct 13 - Proud Larry's - Oxford, MS

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