Friday, September 01, 2006

Final Fantasy action

I wasn't able to make it to Final Fantasy's Atlanta show this past weekend. Yeah, I'm not very happy about that at all. I've been getting nothing but overwhelmingly positive reports of his live performances, and word from the other 'Cropper scribes indicates that his Drunken Unicorn show lived up to, and exceeded, their expectations. Fortunately, for those of us in the South that missed Owen's shows here, the ladies of Red Blondehead have made some of his Birmingham show at the Bottletree, which has been doing some impressive booking of late, available at their site. Go get a taste.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to praise Birmingham's burgeoning music scene. We've been over there for a few shows here and there, have worked with numerous bands that sing the city's praises, and have had nothing but positive interactions with everyone we've bumped into there. We shouldn't minimize the importance of towns like Birmingham stepping up to the plate and creating a viable touring route for bands interested in coming through the South.

Owen's rockin' PA's Lounge in the Boston area tonight. So, if you're in that neck of the woods, be sure to get out to the show. And for the international 'Cropper reader, fret not, Final Fantasy's got a host of Canadian and European dates coming up this fall. Check his myspace page for the specs.

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