Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Here Comes Science

My friend Neil sent this to me today, this posts title as the subject of the email:

“The 1990 decennial data for each neighborhood was obtained from the STF1A data file. You'll note that NBHD # E07 has a non-cooperation rate of 34.8, however this jumps to a dramatic 74.2 in the minority owner-occupied oversample when the list-assisted presurvey letter is utilized. In retrospect, we probably overestimated the updated rate of the t Statistic and P-values for the intercept. Now then, the Multiple Regression for Undersample of Percentage Male is at an adjusted R sq of 0.33. That resolves to 12.9 percent with unweighted numbers and 9.7 percents when weights were used. All that remains is to update the disposition.”

“Biosociological-survey-datamatification is the application of space-age computasystematics technology and metainformpsychation sciences in extremely important scientifical researchification. This discipline enables science researching people to gather and analyze humongous volumes of data, information critical in futuristical sciences and ground-breaking genetic research. Biosociological-survey-datamatification allows scientists to more rapidly develop therapeutic surveys and effective robust top-tier research production for society, in both regional and hemispherical niches. Heuristically speaking, the optimal avenue for amplification of the uptake is to update the dispostion.”

or, more simply,

A monk seeking enlightenment went to see a great master. the monk said, "master, how can there be 1.1, 3.3, 2.41, and anonymous surveys all in the same folder? furthermore, master, my computer will not map the T drive that I need to access the teleform evaluation suite. Should I get Rick from SocHelp on the horn, or just tell the boss lady?" The master replied simply, "That is the meaning of Zen." The monk was flabbergasted and insisted, "I still do not understand!" The master replied simply, "If you do not understand, simply update the disposition."

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