Saturday, September 02, 2006

How I Became The Bomb

Download: How I Became The Bomb -- "Secret Identity" (via midwest music summit)

Things are really hopping with our neighbors to the north, Nashville. In addition to indierock hall of famers like Lambchop and the Silver Jews, there's a whole new crop of young bands springing up there making interesting music. What we at the 'Cropper like about what we know of the Nashville scene is that there doesn't appear to be any particular sound. The bands diverge wildly from one another in terms of the music that they're playing, but there looks to be an overarching supportive vibe between the groups. So, when acts like Be Your Own Pet, Lone Official, Hands Off Cuba, or The Features do well everybody is excited for them. Nashville people feel free to tell me I'm wrong if that's not the case, but it looks like you've got a good community up there. These bands are just the tip of the iceberg in this fertile metropolis.

Team C. publicity alone has worked with The Mattoid, LYLAS, Stone Jack Jones, and Character fantastic bands one and all. Throw in groups like Velcro Stars, Ghostfinger, and a sweet ass record store like Grimey's and you've got yourself one hell of a stew going. Word on the street is that even Coolfer is going to be moving to town soon. We also hear good things of The Dynamites Featuring Charles Walker. So, keep your eyes to Nashville people, it's on.

And, if you need yet another reason to believe us about the Nashville area, we bring you, How I Became The Bomb. We'd been hearing rumblings of this outfit for quite some time, and I think Lucas might have even played a show with them up in Murfreesboro, but my first time catching the band was at this years' Athens Popfest. A good number of us were headed down to check out our boys, So Many Dynamos, and The Bomb was playing right before them. Indeed, they were quite impressive. Tight, concise pop with a bonified front-man. They had a great rapport with the crowd and kept the set moving at a brisk pace. Well worth the price of admission. Also, they've got a great little EP out called, Let's Go, which you can pick up directly from them here. The song they graciously allowed us to put up for you today is the fourth song on that record. Go ahead and scoop up that EP, we did! Also, you can check out a pretty nice photo shoot with the band here.


jonpolk said...

damit, i knew i'd forget someone, and tonight it hit me that I neglected to mention De Novo Dahl and the whole Theory 8 crew. Top notch

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