Monday, October 16, 2006

IMing with the Stars: 20 Questions with Gerard, part II: #'s 12-20

So, in the second half of my interview with Gerard, things get more contentious and weirder. I think I kind of sound like a goober. Sorry about that. And Gerard comes up with a new profession, Tautologist, which is funnier than we make it seem. Oh, and Marathon Packs gets some serious love, and I decry the lack of soul blogs because I am an idiot and haven't figured out and Google apparently. I found a bunch after this interview. Though I'm still looking for Jeannie Reynolds and Ronnie Dyson tracks!

And Gerard still won't tell me who he is.

Anyhoo, here is the interview:

Me: #12--are you sure we haven't met in another forum? I get the feeling we know each other
Gerard: lucasjensenusa - gerard IS YOU!
Me: Maybe so
Gerard: Gerard accused of be many!
Me: #13--do you think there are more conflicts of interest in the blogging world or in the traditional MSM media? I do worry about ad sales and editorial being in the same place
Me: At the same time, bloggers aren't under the monetary pressures that mags are
Gerard: Filter, Fader/Cornerstone bigger interest conflict. some blogger make big money. Stereogum whoa!
Me: #14--You think Stereogum is in conflict? I mean, they are considerably more corporate than some, sure, but I don't get the feeling that Scott hides anything, unless I missed a memo somewhere.
Gerard: no
Gerard: stereogum make bank!
Gerard: Gerard mention stereogum for money, not interest conflict
Me: #15--do you have a list of your biggest conflict of interest people? Care to share?
Gerard: Gerard no list yet. Gerard write about some, go read!
Me: haha
Me: just trying to increase my paltry, 29 people a day hit count!
Gerard: lucasjensenusa almost big time!
Me: I'll post some Sufjan tracks
Me: wait, we work with Sufjan...score!
Gerard: someone tell gerard today think casimir pulaski day actually about boy
Gerard: maybe
Gerard: not that anything wrong with that
Me: #16--do you think blogs have gotten hubristic?
Me: I mean, just because Pitchfork added MP3s, doesn't mean the blogs are "winning" against them
Gerard: gerard think YES
Gerard: especial that point
Gerard: pitchfork not care about blog!
Gerard: calm down assholes!
Me: I love how some bloggers accused Pitchfork of biting their rhymes when it was the Fork that had been writing about music on the internet since 1996
Me: hell, half of the bloggers out there were in middle school then!
Gerard: Gerad miss old review when pitchfork review buying hot dog then be "oh and record bad!"
Me: I surfed the web with Netscape 3 back then, I think
Me: which review?
Me: that sounds funny
Gerard: no remembe exact
Me:#17--how old are you anyway? I'm 31.
Me: I feel old for some reason
Gerard: Gerard older than 20. Younger than 35.
Me: I mention bands like Superchunk and people say, "huh?"
Gerard: MAC!
Me: of course, they mention current bands and I go, huh?
Me: yeah, Mac is a major force in my life
Me: not personally
Me: but I've loved him long time
Gerard: Gerard hot bother!
Me: #18--do you think Idolator is biting your rhymes, what with their blogger ombudsmanship?
Gerard: Gerard no pay for blogging.
Gerard: maybe pay Gerard then Gerard show Idolator thing or two.
Gerard: until pay Gerard, no, Idolator more resources
Gerard: (Gerard funnier!)
Me: #19--will you ever write about any specific music?
Gerard: do lucasjensenusa want music talk from Gerard?
Me: nope
Me: just curious
Gerard: I think there are enough other blogs out there
Gerard: or not?
Me: I kind of wish there were more soul blogs
Me: there are some good ones, but still
Gerard: Gerard maybe talk little music someday.
Gerard: not all time
Gerard: not much
Me: but I mean, I know who the Numero Group is, too
Gerard: Woo!
Gerard: show Gerard lucasjensen eccentric soul!
Me: I've been looking for Ronnie Dyson lately and Jeannie Reynolds and Cyl Johnson and Lyn Collins
Me: those four in particular—only heard tracks on comps and iTunes is a bust
Gerard: Gerard want lady of canyon one from numero
Me: oh, yeah
Me: the numero group was awesome--I meant no disrespect--I really like blogs like Tuwa's Shanty and some of the 45 blogs where they hit you with stuff you don't know about
Gerard: yes.
Me: I wish I could run a blog like Marathon Packs myself
Gerard: packy smart!
Gerard: Packy no think Gerard so funny sometime.
Me: but I worry about us putting up non-legal MP3s being that we are involved in the music industry
Gerard: that must be disappointing for you
Gerard: Gerard okay with
Me: so #20...
Gerard: #20!
Me: ...who are you really?
Gerard: lucasjensenusa, Gerard is Gerard!
Me: argh
Me: tautologies drive me nuts
Gerard: Gerard is tautologist
Me: but I guess we will have to leave it at that!
Me: wow
Me: I've never thought about the profession of tautologist before
Me: "so, what do you do, Jack?"
Gerard: hard work
Gerard: no pay.
Me: "You know, what I do."
Gerard: yeah
Me: "What do you like?" "What I tend to like."
Gerard: also burgers.
Gerard: interview out!
Me: thanks, Gerard.
Gerard: yes lucasjensenusa!
Me: Why, I bet we will hit that 40 a day hit count!
Gerard: toast of town!


wendy said...

I think I'm in love.

rachael said...

amazing. best interview ive read in a very long time.

jerry yeti said...

Tautologist! Ha! I got my Halloween costume.

jbreitling said...

"Gerard: Gerard hot bother!"

I'm gonna laugh about that all day. Perhaps not as funny as "what up the fuck!" but pretty darn close.

bethanne said...

*thumbs up!*