Thursday, October 26, 2006

IMing With The Stars: Brian Raftery, editor of Idolator--part II

Blogger was acting funny yesterday, so I'm gonna try this again. HERE is part I of my interview with Idolator E-I-C Brian Raftery. I hope you enjoy Part II as much as Part I.

Me: so, I think some bloggers are a little turned off by your entrance onto the scene
Brian: right.
Me: old-school freelancers (not THAT old, but you get me, right?) showing up with their own blog and Gawker $$$ and big numbers
Me: and then the feud with Gerard!
Me: haha
Brian: was that a feud? i love gerard. i just want to make sure he's not nick sylvester in disguise [Editors’ Note—probably not!]
Me: you think he is?
Me: I never thought about it
Brian: well, that's just it: we don't know who he is.
Me: I interviewed the guy and he gave his phone # as my coworker Bill's cell #
Me: that's weird
Me: and he gave his address as the White Columns here in Athens which is very strange
Brian: maybe it's some CIA shit
Me: I think it's Henry Owings
Me: Chunklet
Brian: makes sense. but why would he need to do it?
Me: don't know...'cause he's a raconteur
Brian: he never seems afraid to talk shit as henry owings
Me: yeah, true dat
Brian: i think it's someone in the music biz
Me: did I just say "true dat?" Ugh.
Brian: with a journalism degree and a frustration with the music blogs vs music mag balance of power
Me: yeah
Me: are you frustrated with it?
Brian: no, not really.
Me: I think that some of the self-importance and hubris from the blogs is deflating
Me: things are evening out
Brian: i think in five years, everyone working in the mag biz is going to need to have one foot in the blog world
Brian: i did this because it seemed like fun
Me: but do you think you are filling a void out there?
Brian: i hope so.
Brian: I think so
Brian: i feel like i'm writing a blog i would like to read every day
so that's the only gauge i have
Me: The only blog I think is similar that is big is Stereogum and yet you guys seem at odds
Brian: at odds? really?
Me: do you feel that there is an element of "I wrote for a magazine, so let me show you how it's done?"
Me: maybe a tension?
Me: maybe not
Brian: oh, lord no!
Me: hmmm...I thought I picked up on something
Me: but I can't find it
Me: so I will retract!
Brian: i meant "lord no" about the "show you how it's done" bit.
Me: Just trying to get you to sound arrogant, so I can slam you
Brian: haha
Brian: i've always liked what scott does and i think his approach is very smart and very unique
Me: I took a journalism class once
Me: kidding
Brian: ha!
Me: I mean, I did take that class
Me: made a C
Brian: ha! i know people think we're being high and mighty when we slam conflict-of-interest stuff
Brian: but honestly, if you accept advertising, you should be able to accept criticism.
Me: I think so
Brian: and there's a lot of vaguely payola-ish stuff going on
Brian: and i want the blogs to be good, not corrupt
Me: I think the blogging world has long needed-and I use this word too often but here it is-ombudsmanship
Me: and by long needed I mean, like, six months
Me: heh
Brian: sure, as long as it's fun ombudsmanship, not some NYTimes Public Editor shit
Me: sure
Brian: hey, can i take a 10-minute break? i need to post.
Me: you know what...sure
Me: this is really long
Me: haha
Me: I need a good ending
Brian: okay, when i get back i'll talk shit about nick denton.
Brian: kidding!
Brian: okay, give me five more minutes...sorry
Me: See this?
Brian: yeah, i saw that!
Brian: pretty funny
Brian: i actually don't hate CWK as much as some others do.
Me: I was meh about a few songs, but I reserve judgment until I hear the whole record
Me: but I like that The Fork is getting kind of contentious again!
Brian: yeah. i was happy the nice boys got a good review. love that record
Me: haven't heard it
Me: I wish people would send me stuff
Brian: i thought publicists got stuff sent to them all the time from other publicists
Me: I am out of the loop here in Athens
Me: maybe I should ask more?
Me: we work small unsigned bands a lot of the time
Me: not a lot of copies
Brian: i thought there was a swap between companies. hook that shit up!
Me: I don't live in NYC and hang out with the cool kids
Me: do you think the industry is too NYC swung right now?
Me: I do
Me: Is EVERY band in Brooklyn good?
Me: You'd think so!
Brian: i have no idea, to be honest.
Brian: and to be fair, a lot of people move to nyc to catch that brooklyn "buzz," a word i hate
Me: sure
Me: Animal Collective
Me: Hold Steady (sort of)
Brian: yes, yes. these are bands, yes.
Me: Animal Collective would be cooler if they were from Baltimore
Brian: they should have stayed in baltimore so they could get a song on the wire!
Me: I love the Wire
Me: maybe my favorite show ever
Me: one of 'em
Brian: it's one of the greatest things to happen to us as humans. i'm not kidding.
Me: along with Small Wonder
Brian: ha!
Me: I think so, too
Brian: well, she is fantastic, and made of plastic.

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one of my good friends from school typed her notes so fast that i was convinced that she was really V.I.C.I., the small wonder, and was interfacing with her computer. in other news, i passed the georgia bar!!