Friday, October 13, 2006

The Inner Banks

Download: The Inner Banks -- "Acoustic"
Download: The Inner Banks -- "Siberia"
Download: The Inner Banks -- "Glittering Sky"

Wow. This is beautiful stuff, along the lines of Azure Ray, Tristeza, or Japancakes. I think this is truly one of the most stirring and altogether pleasant debut records you’ll hear this year. It’s kind of great—speaking as a publicist here—that I get to bookend the year with Gregor Samsa and The Inner Banks. That's some seriously melodious business. I think a lot of the pretty music out there is kind of facile, so it's nice to hear the movement and fluidity of this stuff, not to mention the strong sense of verticalization--C chords and G chords are always gonna be nice together, but you've gotta do something with 'em, you know? The Inner Banks have. From the fine folks that brought you The Bootleg Remedy and Folksongs for the Afterlife, the Inner Banks is sort of a combination of those bands' sensibilities: there is a slight touch of the Americana (the former) and the swooning atmospherics of the latter. Bah, I'm terrible at descriptions today. Read what these folks have to say and click on the music above.

Like I said, this is beautiful stuff.

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