Friday, November 17, 2006

Outrageous Cherry!

Download: Outrageous Cherry--"Memphis Stereo"

These guys and gals have been in the power-pop mix for quite some time and they continue to impress. Power pop is a funny thing, as I've mentioned before. There are so many great power pop bands out there, and only a few have ever tasted stardom and even then it's usually a fleeting thing. Power pop bands are like an outfit that's never totally in style, but never totally out either. You've got your Supergrass, Superdrag, Teenage Fanclub, Mayflies USA, dBs, Replacements...this list could go on forever. All of these bands were extraordinarily gifted purveyors of hooks, melodies, and airtight song structures. And all of them have gotten this close to some kind of stardom. I think the New Pornographers are probably the biggest power pop band of recent note.

I think I've already written a post similar to this one, but, man, I do love some power pop. And Outrageous Cherry completely delivers with this track. The problem with bands like this is that they make the whole thing sound so effortless when it's really not very easy. If songs this catchy were easy to write, everybody would do it, right? Some bands are just born with these skills and Detroit's Outrageous Cherry is one of them. Let's buck the power-pop trend and make these guys huge, okay? Their new record is Stay Happy.

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