Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Coach and Four

Download: The Coach and Four—“Hello Destroyer” MP3
Download: The Coach and Four—“Tiger High ‘85” MP3
Download: The Coach and Four—“Girl Arms Redux” MP3

I bring you a real treat, a band called The Coach and Four. They are from Memphis, TN, and are part of Snowglobe’s wonderful Makeshift Music community. This mini-album is well-played indie rock with one foot in the “traditional songcraft” world and the other in regions more adventurous. Rather than mish-mash it all together, The Coach and Four prefers to go genre-hopping from song-to-song, taking the listener from Sonic Youth-y pop to Southern Rock workouts to beautiful slowed-down electronic stuff. And all of it is very, very catchy.

45s I used to own: Huey Lewis and the News: "Stuck With You"

Okay. For some reason, in my previous post, I forgot to post about the second 45 I owned by Huey Lewis and the News. I won't tire you with any backstory or anything on this, but I will say that this song was in heavy-duty rotation on my Fisher Price (or similar brand) kids' turntable that I was way too old to still own and use. It's another ballad-y kind of number, and I'm still mystified as to why I gravitated towards those in my two Huey Lewis and the News purchases. This video is completely ridiculous, by the way, in its ambition and scope. It's yet another attempt for Huey Lewis and co. to convince us that they are anything other than America's most successful bar band. All of the long-form story videos in the world don't change the fact that this band is one Elvis Costello job away from the American Pie on the Eastern Bypass. Man, I really love Huey Lewis.

The b-side was "Don't Ever Tell Me That You Love", but I have no recollection of it.

Does anybody else find that opening image a little racially suspect?

This was the summer of one of my intermediate swimming classes at the Junior High pool, and I found myself side-by-side with an honest-to-God girl-who-was-honest-to-God-not-afraid-to-talk-to-me. Plus, she was a year older and slightly (ahem) different than the other girls around me. Her name was Lyn...something. I can't remember. I do remember that she was tall and a brunette and that's about it, but, who cares? She actually acknowledged my existence, which was much better than most girls at that time. I secretly fell deeply and madly in love with her and even biked across town to where she lived (5 miles away or something--by the Mall!) just to scout it out, but I never once let on how I felt about her. We remained swim class pals. This song was pretty big that summer. Another jam was Steve Winwood's "Higher Love". Even today, I associate these songs with my intense, unrequited love of Lyn...something. I'm throwing in "Higher Love" for the hell of it, though I never owned it on 45. I taught myself to play piano with a Steve Winwood fakebook.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo

Download: Brent Amaker and the Rodeo—“Bring Me The Whiskey” MP3

Neckerchiefs, tattoos, and chrome steeds might not be an obvious combo, but the collision makes sense after spending any time at all with Brent Amaker and the Rodeo. Long-standing veterans of the Seattle music scene, the five members of Brent Amaker and the Rodeo are also fast friends – a tightly knit gang of smart, funny, country music-loving, motorbike aficionados who are having a darned good time writing, recording, and performing songs about such time-honored subjects as lovin’, cheatin’, and hurtin’. B.A.R. performs dusty, old fashioned, saddle-sore Country and Western with a winking sense of humor and expressive chops.

Recorded in two days on an ancient four-track reel-to-reel tape deck in glorious mono, the Rodeo’s self-titled debut full length has an authentic country sound to go with Brent Amaker’s authentic songs. It’s a batch of Johnny Cash-esque saddle-sore, dusty-voiced Country and Western from the John Ford-like environs of, er, Seattle, Washington. This track is fun little ditty dedicated to that foulest and most wonderful of mistresses, whiskey.

Catch Brent Amaker and the Rodeo on tour:

2.09.07 Skylark Cafe & Club, Seattle WA

2.23.07 Sunset Tavern, Seattle - CD Release



3.08.07 Cadiallac Lounge, Toronto - CMW 2007


4.20.07 Jules Maes, Seattle- KEXP's Shake the Shack

Embarrassing records I used to own: The Surf MC's

It's true. I used to own a record by the California-based (one assumes), surf-themed, rap-rock, Beastie Boys rip-off group, the Surf MCs. It was 1987 ('88?), an innocent, cassette-oriented, listen-to-anything-as-if-it-was-the-greatest-thing-ever kinda time. My friends and I would raid the cutout cassette bin at Glendean Drugs (home of the surly cashier lady with the fully-formed mustache) for records and came up with a number of gems, including, but not limited to, The Smiths' Meat is Murder, The Ramones' Too Tough To Die, The Dead Milkmen's Eat Your Paisley, DK's Plastic Surgery Disasters, any number of Violent Femmes records, and more. All of these are pretty cool records that should not obscure the fact that I was also way into Madonna, George Michael, and Miami Sound Machine. Still am.

Anyway, with the wheat comes the chaff, and the Surf MCs is as chaff-y as it gets. I fancied myself quite the skater at the time (even though I never successfully performed even the most meager of ollies), so the word "surf" really drew me to the tape as did the "MCs" designation. On the cover, there were four totally awesome guys on the cover doing totally awesome, California-ish sorta things, and the title "Surf or Die" meshed well with my newly adopted "Skate or Die" mantra (soon to be abandoned for "Clapton is God"). I picked it up for a few bucks. The fact that this thing was already in the cut-out bins (within a year of release) for such a cheap price should have been a tip-off.

It was heinous. Even I, then at most my juvenile, was insulted by this record, though I do remember laughing at a line that said something like "the monster in my pants stood up like a sword." Yeesh. I tried and tried and tried to like it, but it was the worst, most pandering, tritest piece of garbage I had heard in forever, and probably the first record I ever bought that I actively disliked. White boy (there was a black guy in the band, but I bet he didn't wanna be there) hip-hop had only been around for a year or two and already it was taking a terrible wrong turn. Urban Dance Squad had nothing on this. For a sample of the lyrics, might I direct you to the titular track, "Surf or Die":

Oh, Surf!
Or die!
Or die!
Or die!
You've got to surf!
Or diiieee!
We were born in the year of our lord
With nothing on our backs but our funky surf boards
Miles at sea - that's where you'll find us
Hundred foot waves, not far behind us
Sharks on my right, sharks on my left
One false move, we knew it was death
Thats when we heard a terrifying cry
"Hug wood, homeboy - you better surf or die!"
Or die!
Or die!
You've got to surf!
Or die!
Surf or die!
Surf or die!
We surfed as Magellan; we surfed as Columbus
We surf around the world, and we don't need a compass
We have no beginning
We have no end
If you're reincarnated, you'll surf with us again!
Forget the other shit
The other shit's bunk!
We want the beach town surf
We walk on the beach, in the sand
with our boards in our hand
And If you don't know by now
Then you'll never understand!
Surf or die!
Or die!
Or die!
Now on the beach, Californ-I-A
Where another surfers born every single day
Zuma Jay board, the one I use to surf
We put on our wheels when we're rollin' on the dirt
We roll through the streets, we roll through the valleys
We roll through the hills, and we roll through the alleys
Once on water, now on land
If it can be ridden than the funky surfers can!
Or die!
Or die!
You've got to surf!
Or die!
Or die!
Or die!
Or die!
Or die!
You've got to surf!
Or die!
Or die!
Or die!
Surf or die!


I don't really know what happened to the tape. I probably taped some Lenny Kravitz or Zeppelin over it or something. I've been trying to track it down again to remind myself that even that Collective Soul record you bought and then blamed on a mysterious record-buying grandmother was light years better than this piece of putridity.

Anybody got any MP3s?

Monday, January 29, 2007

History At Our Disposal

Download: History at Our Disposal - "To The Spoiler the Spoils"

I first heard about History at Our Disposal through a friend of mine from Denton, Texas right before I moved away from the Lone Star State. Of course, I didn't actually hear History at Our Disposal's music until I had already moved to Athens.

I consider that rather unfortunate, because upon listening to Symbols in the Architecture, I instantly became fascinated with how this sound would have been re-created live. There are fragments of many artists that I admire present in History at Our Disposal's sound. I've noticed hints of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's somber vocals , the brooding and swelling of Low, and even Slint at their more agressive moments.

Creative Capitalism, the Balitmore Based label that released Symbols in the Architecture is also a curious being. According to their website, they "are interested in a cross-pollination of disciplines; artists making music, musicians making art." I have had a chance to glance through Friends and Friends of Friends, a 192 page book and cd-rom that Creative Capitalism put compiled, featuring the works of artists from Baltimore and around the world, and I was very impressed with the quality of the artwork featured within, although still unclear over the overall message contained within.

Appropriately enough, History at Our Disposal will be playing a show at the DIY (and BYOB) venue Secret Headquarters, which used to house an art gallery, on February 17th another great local noise maker Stumptone.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Download: Pacific UV—“50s” MP3

Former Athenians, current Portlandians (is that what they are called?), Pacific UV make a triumphant return with their new EP (appropriately titled EP) of reverb-heavy deliciousness. Like the bastard spawn of Phil Spector and Spiritualized, Pacific UV put out a record in 2003 that, um, I played drums and keyboards on. So I guess I'm biased here. Hey! I had nothing to do with this track, which is a damned shame, really, as it might just be one of the best the band has ever done. This song, “50s”, is a gorgeous throwback, aptly named after the decade it emulates, though it exists in some parallel realm where Kevin Shields produced the Teddy Bears and Rachel Goswell led a girl group.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

SONGS OF THE WEEK - You Am I and Arab Strap

Here's a brief list of things I know about You Am I

1. They are awesome. Our intern saw them when she was in Austrailia and described frontman Tim Rogers as being a maniac that she was worried "would kill someone if they got in his way"

B. Sonic Youth are fans. After seeing You Am I play at Australia's Big Day Out Festival, Lee Renaldo produced a few EPs and their first record. He also braided their hair.

III. Their new album, "Convicts" is landing in the states via Yep Roc. The record is packed with the tight and manic songwriting we've come to expect from the boys. Check out "It Ain't Funny How We Don't Talk Anymore" I believe you can actually hear the blood splattering on the guitar at the end.

FUN FACT: Silver Chair got their name from a You Am I Fact

NOT SO FUN FACT: Silver Chair....Yeeeeeesh.

Download: You Am I - It Ain't Funny How We Don't Talk Anymore

I love me some Arab Strap. It made their breaking up that much worse. The first time I saw them was one of the strangest/most shameful experiences of my life. The shame comes from the fact that they were opening for Bright Eyes (I went cuz I wanted to see Arab Strap and everyone else wanted to see a skinny guy get drunk on red wine). Arab Strap played a great set and I couldn't understand a single thing they said. Then Bright Eyes hit the stage, I was shocked...I didn't hate it. Anyway, it was half way through their set that Conner invited Aiden (you know, the guy from Arab Strap) to the stage to sing him Happy Birthday. After the song, he tried to kiss Aiden who pushed him away (good call). Conner, probably in a haze of shock for being sexually rejected for the first time in years, Conner said "man you think with all those dirty lyrics you think he'd be into more stuff" at which point Aiden charged back up on stage and shoved his tongue down Conner's eagerly awaiting throat. It continues to be the hottest display of bear/twink love that I've seen. It is the last thing that goes through my brain before I sleep at night. 
The point of this story? Conner Oberst is gay, hands off ladies.

Download: Arab Strap - The First Big Weekend

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Paper Airplanes

Download: Paper Airplanes—“The Fences” MP3

Wow! This is the kind of record that reminds us why I got into the whole indie rock thing in the first place. It’s full of energy, inventiveness, great hooks, epic songs…it’s just a killer record. It was released on a micro-indie last year and is now being re-released by a mid-level indie! Yeah! Paper Airplanes are making serious rumbles right now with their healthy, catchy Midwestern anthems. This song, “The Fences,” is something else. Dare I say that it competes with a certain new track from a certain (blank) Fire band (not the Theater Fire!) in pound-for-pound anthem-ness? I love it all, the pounding piano, the odd breakdown in the middle, the higher-than-Wayne-Coyne intro. It's an astounding lead-off track from a real doozy of a record, the soon-to-be-reissued Boyhood.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Ma'ams

Download: The Ma'ams --"Freakout '68"

Washington D.C.'s, Peter Heyneman (guitar+vox) and Long Island's, Peter Speer (drums) recorded a grand total of one EP as, The Ma'ams. And, today's tune, 'Freakout '68' comes from that EP, Time Twistin', which was released by the greatest label of all time, Colonial Recordings, USA!. The track starts out with a riffy roughness and Heyneman's caterwalling vocals backed up by Speer's straightforward, beefy beat. It's exactly the kind of stuff that would get your band thrown out of the house and into the garage by a disapproving mother, which is the Ma'ams' most redeeming trait. The song moves onto some fantastically sloppy soloing around the two minute mark, with drums jumping from one place to another in an attempt to keep the freakout tethered in some capacity. Then, the drums build us back into the verse, which is around just long enough to get us ready for the songs final descent into twenty seconds of chaos. The Ma'ams were a great band, and if you like really rough, garagey, lo-fi rock, you could do a heck of a lot worse than pickin' up, Time Twistin'.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Green Pitch

Download: Green Pitch--"Liverpool" MP3

Although Green Pitch released Ace of Hearts, the album is finally getting attention in the States with it's release on Funzalo Records on March 6th. The duo of Rex Garfield, the female vocalist, and Ste Rasch hail from Denmark, and have put together 13 songs imbuing a sweet, gentle naïveté. The male and female vocal trade-off, the delicate guitar lines, gentle bass all add to the dreamy landscape of Ace of Hearts. Definitely recommended for fans of Beach House, El Perro Del Mar, and Athen's own Venice Is Sinking.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I dunno about you, this makes me want to do MORE drugs

DJ Donna Summer Mix

Go get Donna Summer's Bootybreaktranceclub-Core Mix from Berlin's Cock Rock Disco. As you'd expect, it's manic, hard-hitting, and absolutely relentless...Oh yeah, it's also free...

We're diggin' it. Get it here:

Tell'm the 'Cropper sent ya!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Songs of The Week - The Saps and Field Music

This is my inaugural post to The Cropper where I am not writing about how much I want a hamburger hat, so please bear with me if I suck at this. But I do like this feature. I will be bringing you two of my favorite songs each week and I am pleased as pudding to have two great bands to start with.

I have been more and more fascinated with the Chicago music scene. I like to imagine Chicago as a city filled with roving St. Bernards with mini-barrels filled with rum around there necks running up to cold indie rockers in desperate need of warming up. It is in this scenario that a band like The Saps makes the most sense. A four piece, the band has self released four recording including the name-says-it-all EP "1...2...3...Drink!" Their latest release,"C'mon Already, Start a Fire" came out this past Tuesday, January 16th.

My favorite track off the records is, hands down, "Hospital". This song just makes me ridiculously giddy. It reminds me how fun rock music can be. This Replacements-style drunken tale of a late night trip to the infirmary starts with a crazed chant and moves forward into a blistering track of hand claps, oohs and ahhs, and, my favorite, a bolstering confession of "I feel like throwing up!" A chugging beat and tipsy guitar solos seal the deal as one of the catchiest songs I've heard this year.

Download: The Saps - Hospital

Over my winter break, I found myself becoming entranced with Steely Dan. I have no idea how the hell that happened but it did. To celebrate I cleaned my yacht top to bottom while listening to Countdown to Ecstasy. This really has nothing to do with anything other than it planted the seed in my mind to truly appreciate rhythmic pop music. Thus, I am completely in love with Field Music.

Field Music's new record, Tones of Town, has been receiving mad accolades from all over, and with good reason. An evolution in sound, the band has tightened up and let there sense of melody shine.
I happily share with you the second single from the album, "A House is Not a Home"
This piano based diddy comes at you full swing. Subtle orchestral flourishes accent Peter and David (yes they DO know the Futureheads) Brewis' quirky tale of impermanence.
As an extra bonus, I've also included the video for the song, which the band finds "Hilarious" (note, NEVER invite Field Music to crash at your place).

Download: Field Music - A House is Not a Home

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fulton Lights

Download: Fulton Lights—“Thank God For the Evening News” MP3
Download: Fulton Lights—“Fire in the Palm of My Hand” MP3

With the help of a number of friends (including Oktopus of dalek and Jean Cook of ASM and the Beauty Pill), Andrew Spencer Goldman (formerly of John Guilt and Maestro Echoplex) has turned in a tumultuous tone-poem that, to me at least, sketches the feeling of being overwhelmed by today's urbanism. It's a work of beauty, but it's also a sublime work of unease, of claustrophobia and nighttime comedowns off the city's manic energy. There's more here than mere atmosphere, though, honestly, that alone would be enough in this case, given the range of textures Goldman employs in the service of his superlative songs.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's time for a comeback, Chi-Ali!

Lately, I have become obsessed with compiling the hip-hop songs of my youth, particularly those that saw success from 1989-1992. I keep finding the same artists pop up on the list: Young MC, Tone-Loc, and Kool Moe Dee always seem to find their way on whatever party playlist I put together.

About two months ago I began planning a playlist for my going away party, and while perusing the internet for a few more suggestions, I started following the links that took me from Onyx to House of Pain to Black Sheep, until I stumbled across the name Chi-Ali.

Images of animated roadrunners and large green-screened kittens instantly hopped into my head, just at the thought of The Fabulous Chi-Ali. He was only fourteen years old at the time that he became the youngest member of the Native Tongues, the group of artists including A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and many more. After appearing on Black Sheep's first album, Chi-Ali released his solo debut in 1992, titled The Fabulous Chi-Ali. It was the only album he released, but the video made for the hit single 'Roadrunner', has quickly become one of my favorites from the time period.

My Teenage Stride

Download -- My Teenage Stride -- "To Live and Die in the Airport Lounge"
Download -- My Teennage Stride -- "Terror Bends"

I first became aware of Brooklyn's, My Teenage Stride after reading a review of their last record for Becalmed, Major Major at the now defunct Splendid. Intrigued by the sample MP3 that accompanied the review, we struck up a correspondence with the label in the hopes that we might get to work for MTS should a new record come about. Needless to say, we're pleased as can be that we were able to do so on Ears Like Golden Bats, which will see release here in the States on Feb. 27th.

The new record consists of 14 songs, but still clocks in at a discreet 40 minutes, which is certainly something I was pleased to see. The songs, while short, are nevertheless fully developed pop tunes that benefit from their compactness. Head strider, Jedediah Smith impresses with his omnivorous incorporation of mid-80s to early 90s indiepop outfits from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Of the two songs offered today, "To Live and Die in the Airport Lounge" brings to mind Brian Eno, and not just in the song title's potential allusion to the ambient masterpiece. Here it's more in the vocals, which remind me of the earlier, glammier, immediately post-Roxy Eno output. And, "Terror Bends" with its hard charging verses, and even peppier choruses, gets in and gets out without delaying the payoff.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Man, pretty good list for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year (REM, The Ronettes, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Patti Smith, Van Halen), but the Stooges were up for it to and got overlooked. So did Joe Tex, which kind of make sense because he once wrote a song that featured the line "Ain't gonna bump no more with no big fat woman." And if Joe Tex is up for the award, when can Bill Withers be considered (see below)?

Not to mention that KISS keeps on getting screwed. Sure, people think that KISS is a novelty act or whatever, but they have at least four classic albums (arguably as many as Van Halen put out if we're being frank here) and dominated the 70s rock landscape. Sure, they deserve to be punished a little for everything 80s--though I saw them in 1996 in full regalia and it killed--but shouldn't Van Halen be punished for Balance and III, at the very least?

Compare and contrast:

Okay, that is killer. Ace Frehley's guitar is totally on fire! Now watch this clip from Van Halen's mediocre Diver Down album.

Um, remember that this is the Van Halen era that everyone likes! I love Van Halen, too, but the whole "they are a novelty act" argument doesn't just apply to KISS.

KISS should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if Van Halen is. That's all I'm saying.

And REM in on first try? Sweet.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Summer Hymns and Folklore to Tour!

Download -- Summer Hymns - "Start Swimming"

Athens, GA's Summer Hymns are hitting the road in January for a winter tour behind the recently released Backward Masks. Nearly four years in the making, Backward Masks is a beautiful collection of subtly edgy songs, the strongest Summer Hymns record to date.
"They're especially adept at crafting this certain undefinable sonic feeling: one that is simultaneously bright and breezy, lunar and melancholy," Jon Meyer writes in his review for WERS. PopMatters' Jennifer Kelly similarly searches for the best words to express songwriter Zachary Gresham's "knack for making the complex seem simple, the edgy and eccentric universal." Joining Summer Hymns for the length of the tour are Folklore, another based Athens band.

Download -- Folklore - "H.W. Beaverman"

Formed by Jimmy Hughes of the band Elf Power, and with the help of many great musicians out of Athens Georgia, Folklore has created a conceptual album called The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman which takes ghost stories based in the mountains of upstate New York and dissects them into the myths and rumors from which they are based. All centered around the title character and the hoax that is his “ghost”, these songs spin a beautiful web of stories dramatically emphasized by horns, strings, and many special guest vocals including members of Gerbils, Masters of the Hemisphere, I Am The World Trade Center, and Elf Power. Live, Hughes takes on the vocal duties backed by the rest of Folklore: Aaron, Ian, Jon, Raoul, David, and Che-Na.

The dates:

1/23 Lexington, KY - Mecca
1/24 Urbana, IL - The Canopy
1/25 Madison, WI - Kings Club
1/26 Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
1/27 Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews
1/28 Bloomington, IN - The Art Hospital
1/29 Lansing, MI - Mac's Bar
1/30 Akron, OH - The Lime Spider
1/31 Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox
2/1 Rochester, NY - The Bug Jar
2/2 New York, NY - Cake Shop
2/3 Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall (Park Slope, Brooklyn)
2/4 Philadelphia, PA - The Manhattan Room
2/9 Columbia, SC - The (Art) Garage
2/10 Augusta, GA - The Soul Bar

Team Clermont Fire Sale!

We're clearing out our servers right now and dumping all this stuff in the coming weeks. Enjoy these MP3s from our artists of last year. I think it's a pretty hot list. Get 'em while they're fresh!

1986—“Better When You’re Stoned”

Anti-Social Music and the Gena Rowlands Band—“The End”

The Antiques—“Deadringer”

Barton Carroll—“Cat On A Beach"

Barton Carroll—“Dark End of the Street”

Barton Carroll—“Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still”

Barton Carroll—“Scorched Earth”

Black Fiction—“Ghost Ride”

The Black Neon—“Hollywood 1,2,3”

The Black Neon—“Ralph and Barbara”

The Bleachers—“Don’t Make No Roads”

The Bleachers—“Poltergeist”

The Bleachers—“Suitcase B”

Cake On Cake—“Sea Microphone”

Calexico—“Griptape Heart”

Candy Bars—“Landscape”

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone—“Cold White Christmas”

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone—“Young Shields”

Conner—“Cold Feelings”

Dark Meat—“Angel of Meth”

Dark Meat—“Dead Man”

El Perro Del Mar—“Party”

Euros Childs—“Donkey Island”

Evangelicals—“Another Day”

Final Fantasy—“Arctic Circle”

Final Fantasy—“Song Song Song”

Final Fantasy—“I’m Afraid of Japan”

Final Fantasy—“This Lamb Sells Condos”

Geoff Reacher—“Death Is The Trump Card”

Gothic Archies—“Shipwrecked”

Hazard County Girls—“Insect”

Heather Duby—“Would Have Liked You”

Heavy Blinkers—“Try Telling That To My Baby”

HO-AG—“Under the Maps”

Iron Hero—“Pilot”

Michael Zapruder’s Rain of Frogs—“The Alchemist”

My Brightest Diamond—“Workhorse”

New Sound of Numbers—“Frequency Transmission Systems”

Niobe—“Up Hill and Down Dale”

One Ring Zero—“Here Come The Mannequins”

Outrageous Cherry—“Memphis Stereo”

Outrageous Cherry—“Paranoid World”

Pattern Is Movement—“Arbade The Beat”

Paul Brill—“Summer Cold”

The Scourge of the Sea—“Out of the Trash”

The Scourge of the Sea—“Waterwings”

The Scourge of the Sea—“Smitten Kitten”

Snowglobe—“At Times A Nightmare”




So Many Dynamos—“Search Party”

So Many Dynamos—“In Every Direction”

So Many Dynamos—“Progress”

Stone Jack Jones—“Smile”

Summer Hymns—“Pity and Envy”

The Summer Wardrobe—“Ned Kelly

The Summer Wardrobe—“Blind”

Thee Moths—“Awake (Twenty Beats Mix)”

Thee Moths—“Do Not Be Ashamed”

Thee Moths—“Land Ho”

Trentalange—“Take Me Home”



Venice is Sinking—“Pulaski Heights”

Venice is Sinking—“Undecided”

Venice is Sinking—“Good Feeling (live)”

Venice is Sinking—“You Got Lucky (live)”

World/Inferno Friendship Society—“Velocity of Love”

World/Inferno Friendship Society—“Only Anarchists Are Pretty"