Wednesday, January 31, 2007

45s I used to own: Huey Lewis and the News: "Stuck With You"

Okay. For some reason, in my previous post, I forgot to post about the second 45 I owned by Huey Lewis and the News. I won't tire you with any backstory or anything on this, but I will say that this song was in heavy-duty rotation on my Fisher Price (or similar brand) kids' turntable that I was way too old to still own and use. It's another ballad-y kind of number, and I'm still mystified as to why I gravitated towards those in my two Huey Lewis and the News purchases. This video is completely ridiculous, by the way, in its ambition and scope. It's yet another attempt for Huey Lewis and co. to convince us that they are anything other than America's most successful bar band. All of the long-form story videos in the world don't change the fact that this band is one Elvis Costello job away from the American Pie on the Eastern Bypass. Man, I really love Huey Lewis.

The b-side was "Don't Ever Tell Me That You Love", but I have no recollection of it.

Does anybody else find that opening image a little racially suspect?

This was the summer of one of my intermediate swimming classes at the Junior High pool, and I found myself side-by-side with an honest-to-God girl-who-was-honest-to-God-not-afraid-to-talk-to-me. Plus, she was a year older and slightly (ahem) different than the other girls around me. Her name was Lyn...something. I can't remember. I do remember that she was tall and a brunette and that's about it, but, who cares? She actually acknowledged my existence, which was much better than most girls at that time. I secretly fell deeply and madly in love with her and even biked across town to where she lived (5 miles away or something--by the Mall!) just to scout it out, but I never once let on how I felt about her. We remained swim class pals. This song was pretty big that summer. Another jam was Steve Winwood's "Higher Love". Even today, I associate these songs with my intense, unrequited love of Lyn...something. I'm throwing in "Higher Love" for the hell of it, though I never owned it on 45. I taught myself to play piano with a Steve Winwood fakebook.

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