Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fulton Lights

Download: Fulton Lights—“Thank God For the Evening News” MP3
Download: Fulton Lights—“Fire in the Palm of My Hand” MP3

With the help of a number of friends (including Oktopus of dalek and Jean Cook of ASM and the Beauty Pill), Andrew Spencer Goldman (formerly of John Guilt and Maestro Echoplex) has turned in a tumultuous tone-poem that, to me at least, sketches the feeling of being overwhelmed by today's urbanism. It's a work of beauty, but it's also a sublime work of unease, of claustrophobia and nighttime comedowns off the city's manic energy. There's more here than mere atmosphere, though, honestly, that alone would be enough in this case, given the range of textures Goldman employs in the service of his superlative songs.

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