Monday, January 29, 2007

History At Our Disposal

Download: History at Our Disposal - "To The Spoiler the Spoils"

I first heard about History at Our Disposal through a friend of mine from Denton, Texas right before I moved away from the Lone Star State. Of course, I didn't actually hear History at Our Disposal's music until I had already moved to Athens.

I consider that rather unfortunate, because upon listening to Symbols in the Architecture, I instantly became fascinated with how this sound would have been re-created live. There are fragments of many artists that I admire present in History at Our Disposal's sound. I've noticed hints of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's somber vocals , the brooding and swelling of Low, and even Slint at their more agressive moments.

Creative Capitalism, the Balitmore Based label that released Symbols in the Architecture is also a curious being. According to their website, they "are interested in a cross-pollination of disciplines; artists making music, musicians making art." I have had a chance to glance through Friends and Friends of Friends, a 192 page book and cd-rom that Creative Capitalism put compiled, featuring the works of artists from Baltimore and around the world, and I was very impressed with the quality of the artwork featured within, although still unclear over the overall message contained within.

Appropriately enough, History at Our Disposal will be playing a show at the DIY (and BYOB) venue Secret Headquarters, which used to house an art gallery, on February 17th another great local noise maker Stumptone.

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