Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Ma'ams

Download: The Ma'ams --"Freakout '68"

Washington D.C.'s, Peter Heyneman (guitar+vox) and Long Island's, Peter Speer (drums) recorded a grand total of one EP as, The Ma'ams. And, today's tune, 'Freakout '68' comes from that EP, Time Twistin', which was released by the greatest label of all time, Colonial Recordings, USA!. The track starts out with a riffy roughness and Heyneman's caterwalling vocals backed up by Speer's straightforward, beefy beat. It's exactly the kind of stuff that would get your band thrown out of the house and into the garage by a disapproving mother, which is the Ma'ams' most redeeming trait. The song moves onto some fantastically sloppy soloing around the two minute mark, with drums jumping from one place to another in an attempt to keep the freakout tethered in some capacity. Then, the drums build us back into the verse, which is around just long enough to get us ready for the songs final descent into twenty seconds of chaos. The Ma'ams were a great band, and if you like really rough, garagey, lo-fi rock, you could do a heck of a lot worse than pickin' up, Time Twistin'.

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