Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Paper Airplanes

Download: Paper Airplanes—“The Fences” MP3

Wow! This is the kind of record that reminds us why I got into the whole indie rock thing in the first place. It’s full of energy, inventiveness, great hooks, epic songs…it’s just a killer record. It was released on a micro-indie last year and is now being re-released by a mid-level indie! Yeah! Paper Airplanes are making serious rumbles right now with their healthy, catchy Midwestern anthems. This song, “The Fences,” is something else. Dare I say that it competes with a certain new track from a certain (blank) Fire band (not the Theater Fire!) in pound-for-pound anthem-ness? I love it all, the pounding piano, the odd breakdown in the middle, the higher-than-Wayne-Coyne intro. It's an astounding lead-off track from a real doozy of a record, the soon-to-be-reissued Boyhood.

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Nate said...

heck yes! My first Denton show was with Paper Airplanes. They are nice dudes.