Thursday, January 18, 2007

Songs of The Week - The Saps and Field Music

This is my inaugural post to The Cropper where I am not writing about how much I want a hamburger hat, so please bear with me if I suck at this. But I do like this feature. I will be bringing you two of my favorite songs each week and I am pleased as pudding to have two great bands to start with.

I have been more and more fascinated with the Chicago music scene. I like to imagine Chicago as a city filled with roving St. Bernards with mini-barrels filled with rum around there necks running up to cold indie rockers in desperate need of warming up. It is in this scenario that a band like The Saps makes the most sense. A four piece, the band has self released four recording including the name-says-it-all EP "1...2...3...Drink!" Their latest release,"C'mon Already, Start a Fire" came out this past Tuesday, January 16th.

My favorite track off the records is, hands down, "Hospital". This song just makes me ridiculously giddy. It reminds me how fun rock music can be. This Replacements-style drunken tale of a late night trip to the infirmary starts with a crazed chant and moves forward into a blistering track of hand claps, oohs and ahhs, and, my favorite, a bolstering confession of "I feel like throwing up!" A chugging beat and tipsy guitar solos seal the deal as one of the catchiest songs I've heard this year.

Download: The Saps - Hospital

Over my winter break, I found myself becoming entranced with Steely Dan. I have no idea how the hell that happened but it did. To celebrate I cleaned my yacht top to bottom while listening to Countdown to Ecstasy. This really has nothing to do with anything other than it planted the seed in my mind to truly appreciate rhythmic pop music. Thus, I am completely in love with Field Music.

Field Music's new record, Tones of Town, has been receiving mad accolades from all over, and with good reason. An evolution in sound, the band has tightened up and let there sense of melody shine.
I happily share with you the second single from the album, "A House is Not a Home"
This piano based diddy comes at you full swing. Subtle orchestral flourishes accent Peter and David (yes they DO know the Futureheads) Brewis' quirky tale of impermanence.
As an extra bonus, I've also included the video for the song, which the band finds "Hilarious" (note, NEVER invite Field Music to crash at your place).

Download: Field Music - A House is Not a Home

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