Thursday, January 25, 2007

SONGS OF THE WEEK - You Am I and Arab Strap

Here's a brief list of things I know about You Am I

1. They are awesome. Our intern saw them when she was in Austrailia and described frontman Tim Rogers as being a maniac that she was worried "would kill someone if they got in his way"

B. Sonic Youth are fans. After seeing You Am I play at Australia's Big Day Out Festival, Lee Renaldo produced a few EPs and their first record. He also braided their hair.

III. Their new album, "Convicts" is landing in the states via Yep Roc. The record is packed with the tight and manic songwriting we've come to expect from the boys. Check out "It Ain't Funny How We Don't Talk Anymore" I believe you can actually hear the blood splattering on the guitar at the end.

FUN FACT: Silver Chair got their name from a You Am I Fact

NOT SO FUN FACT: Silver Chair....Yeeeeeesh.

Download: You Am I - It Ain't Funny How We Don't Talk Anymore

I love me some Arab Strap. It made their breaking up that much worse. The first time I saw them was one of the strangest/most shameful experiences of my life. The shame comes from the fact that they were opening for Bright Eyes (I went cuz I wanted to see Arab Strap and everyone else wanted to see a skinny guy get drunk on red wine). Arab Strap played a great set and I couldn't understand a single thing they said. Then Bright Eyes hit the stage, I was shocked...I didn't hate it. Anyway, it was half way through their set that Conner invited Aiden (you know, the guy from Arab Strap) to the stage to sing him Happy Birthday. After the song, he tried to kiss Aiden who pushed him away (good call). Conner, probably in a haze of shock for being sexually rejected for the first time in years, Conner said "man you think with all those dirty lyrics you think he'd be into more stuff" at which point Aiden charged back up on stage and shoved his tongue down Conner's eagerly awaiting throat. It continues to be the hottest display of bear/twink love that I've seen. It is the last thing that goes through my brain before I sleep at night. 
The point of this story? Conner Oberst is gay, hands off ladies.

Download: Arab Strap - The First Big Weekend


jon manyjars said...

I love You Am I, and am hoping against hope that the US release of "Convicts" will bring them back to the States....

jon manyjars said...

Oops, just found these dates:

3/15-17: SXSW
3/19: 400 Bar, Minneapolis
3/20: Shank Hall, Milwaukee
3/21: Metro, Chicago
3/22: Beachland, Cleveland
3/23: Khyber, Philadelphia
3/24: Middle East, Cambridge
3/25: Bowery Ballroom, NEw York
3/28: Crocodile Cafe, Seattle
3/30: Dantes, Portland
3/31: Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco
4/01: Spaceland, Los Angeles
4/02: Casbah, San Diego