Friday, January 05, 2007

Team Clermont Fire Sale!

We're clearing out our servers right now and dumping all this stuff in the coming weeks. Enjoy these MP3s from our artists of last year. I think it's a pretty hot list. Get 'em while they're fresh!

1986—“Better When You’re Stoned”

Anti-Social Music and the Gena Rowlands Band—“The End”

The Antiques—“Deadringer”

Barton Carroll—“Cat On A Beach"

Barton Carroll—“Dark End of the Street”

Barton Carroll—“Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still”

Barton Carroll—“Scorched Earth”

Black Fiction—“Ghost Ride”

The Black Neon—“Hollywood 1,2,3”

The Black Neon—“Ralph and Barbara”

The Bleachers—“Don’t Make No Roads”

The Bleachers—“Poltergeist”

The Bleachers—“Suitcase B”

Cake On Cake—“Sea Microphone”

Calexico—“Griptape Heart”

Candy Bars—“Landscape”

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone—“Cold White Christmas”

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone—“Young Shields”

Conner—“Cold Feelings”

Dark Meat—“Angel of Meth”

Dark Meat—“Dead Man”

El Perro Del Mar—“Party”

Euros Childs—“Donkey Island”

Evangelicals—“Another Day”

Final Fantasy—“Arctic Circle”

Final Fantasy—“Song Song Song”

Final Fantasy—“I’m Afraid of Japan”

Final Fantasy—“This Lamb Sells Condos”

Geoff Reacher—“Death Is The Trump Card”

Gothic Archies—“Shipwrecked”

Hazard County Girls—“Insect”

Heather Duby—“Would Have Liked You”

Heavy Blinkers—“Try Telling That To My Baby”

HO-AG—“Under the Maps”

Iron Hero—“Pilot”

Michael Zapruder’s Rain of Frogs—“The Alchemist”

My Brightest Diamond—“Workhorse”

New Sound of Numbers—“Frequency Transmission Systems”

Niobe—“Up Hill and Down Dale”

One Ring Zero—“Here Come The Mannequins”

Outrageous Cherry—“Memphis Stereo”

Outrageous Cherry—“Paranoid World”

Pattern Is Movement—“Arbade The Beat”

Paul Brill—“Summer Cold”

The Scourge of the Sea—“Out of the Trash”

The Scourge of the Sea—“Waterwings”

The Scourge of the Sea—“Smitten Kitten”

Snowglobe—“At Times A Nightmare”




So Many Dynamos—“Search Party”

So Many Dynamos—“In Every Direction”

So Many Dynamos—“Progress”

Stone Jack Jones—“Smile”

Summer Hymns—“Pity and Envy”

The Summer Wardrobe—“Ned Kelly

The Summer Wardrobe—“Blind”

Thee Moths—“Awake (Twenty Beats Mix)”

Thee Moths—“Do Not Be Ashamed”

Thee Moths—“Land Ho”

Trentalange—“Take Me Home”



Venice is Sinking—“Pulaski Heights”

Venice is Sinking—“Undecided”

Venice is Sinking—“Good Feeling (live)”

Venice is Sinking—“You Got Lucky (live)”

World/Inferno Friendship Society—“Velocity of Love”

World/Inferno Friendship Society—“Only Anarchists Are Pretty"

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