Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bill Benson: Celebrating 19 and a half years of being awesome.

Today is the 3Xth birthday of Team Clermont's very own Bill Benson. In tribute to him, I am posting a few videos from his favorite band of all time, Styx. Here's to another thirty-something more years (19 and a half of them totally awesome)!

"Rock everybody! Roll everybody! Shake everybody! Shout everybody!"

If you're a little confused at the end--and it's hard to tell whether the audience is booing the skit or the actors in the skit--it's okay. Your feeble mind cannot comprehend the saga of Kilroy as laid out by the genius, Dennis DeYoung.

Let us toast Mr. Benson with a piping hot glass of styx!

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Candice said...

Happy birthday, Billy! My birthday is at the end of the month, I'm having a My Super Sweet 16 themed birthday party, haha. I wish you guys could come, I miss you dudes!
Love, Candy Jones