Monday, February 12, 2007

The Explorers Club!

Not related to the band...

Download: The Explorers Club--"I Lost My Head"
Download: The Explorers Club--"Forever"

I saw the Explorers Club last year when they played a show with the phenomenal Murder Beach (I need to post about them) and Col. Knowledge and the Lickety-Splits (ditto) at the Caledonia Lounge. Athens' crowds are notoriously stingy with the love for out-of-towners, but after a couple of songs, they held us transfixed. If there is one thing we like in this town, it is the 60s. Like, all aspects of it. We never met a Pet Sounds-y ba-doom ba-doom drumbeat we didn't like. And here is this band up there playing this ridiculously old-fashioned Zombies/Beach Boys/Phil Spector/Kinks/Strawberry Alarm Clock mixture with such energetic aplomb that, if not for the killer guitar solos, you could have heard the collective jaw-dropping. They were preaching to the choir, sure, but, man, they were just good. And a non-stupid djembe solo? That's hard to pull off.

These guys (from Charleston...yeah!) are for real, and apparently labels have been taking notice. Good for them. These "demos" (see above) sound better than most bands' albums. I haven't heard anything so authentically "old" in quite some time. It's such a hard sound to nail with computers and click tracks and all of the digita hoohaw available to bands in today's studios. Just listen to "I Lost My Head" and prepare to have your mind blown.

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