Thursday, February 15, 2007


Download: Louis—“My Own Good”

Louis Schefano just might be one of my favorite songwriters, but the guy is criminally overlooked. He played drums for Remy Zero and Little Red Rocket (who later became Azure Ray), but his most important work has been his solo project, Regia. Regia released an album of beautiful pop music called The Art of Navigation about 7 years ago (has it been that long) on spinART that deserves a major reevaluation.

Louis now records under the name, Louis (natch). He has always been a songwriter capable of straightforward, matter-of-fact vulnerability. His lyrics are so direct as to be surprising in their candor. His songs are always tender but sturdy; they are not fragile, whiny constructions or barely-there anthems to self-loathing. The guy's been hurt, but he's not down for the count, you know? While Elliott Smith (RIP) was gaining accolades in the late 90s/early 00s, Louis Schefano was writing equally compelling music that came from a similar place, but never received the same amount of acclaim.

It’s great to see that Louis is still at it, and this song, a stunner that Pitchfork gave 4 stars, demonstrates he still has those heartbreaking bedroom pop chops. Let's not overlook Louis again!

Louis has an EP, Freak Show Revenge, coming out soon on Superphonic Records.


April said...

that's a great great song

Valerie said...

can't wait for you to hear louis's latest work. we will be amazed again.

Anonymous said...

This guys songs are amazing. It scares me that someone can be this talented and not be a millionaire.

Adi said...

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