Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Murder Beach

Download: Murder Beach -- "Potholes In My Lawn"
Download: Murder Beach -- "Automatic Day"
Download: Murder Beach -- "The Sweet"

What's not to love about Murder Beach? The name of the band is great, continuing down the path of indiepop band name misdirection, a trend followed by fellow Athenian upstarts, Titans of Filth. Their show flyers, website, and other graphics-related endeavors are always attractive and have an overarching thematic consistency that's pleasing to the senses thanks to the efforts of Murder Beach mastermind, Ian Darken. Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, they're all great people. Hell, one of them has worked in this very office -not that it makes you a great person in and of itself- and another records Lucas's records. But don't love them for all of the aforementioned qualities. Love them for their concise, catchy, indiepop tunes, three of which we offer for your enjoyment today. The Beach has been maintaining a relatively low live profile here in Athens of late as they're currently working on wrapping up their second LP. This one's been a long time coming (like since I moved to Athens), but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. They are one of The Cropper's favorite local acts, and if you only like them half as much as we do, you'll still be thanking us for sending them your way!

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