Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Morning Jacket is Sweating My Balls

Listen: My Morning Jacket--"Golden"

W. T. F.

From the My Morning Jacket Website:
"For all of you who missed your prom back in 1956 or 1986 or 2006 for that matter, we will be hosting the 1st annual MMJ 2 night prom, March 6th and 7th, at the fabulous, prom-ready, 40 watt club in Athens! The first time we walked thru those hallowed 40 Watt doors we said to ourselves, "this place looks perfect for a prom!" And now the dream will be a reality. The theme is a futuristic/retro under the sea vibe - costumes (tuxes, suits, robots, mermaid and lobster costumes, anything prom/ocean related) are not only encouraged - they are MANDATORY!!! NO ONE will be admitted without proper attire! There will be cake, balloons, fishnets, classic cars, chaperones, spankings, and a whole lotta shakin goin on - 2007 style upin this bitch ya'll. Come prepared to dance the night away, and make up for all the proms you missed..."

My Morning Jacket is taking our prom! We lovely foools at Team Clermont have been holding a prom at the 40 Watt in the summer for almost a decade now. The reason it's "prom ready" is because they never took down our decorations! Seeing as MMJ is soooo excited to play a prom, I'm going to pull a Colbert here and challenge them.

I challenge you to have your wannabe prom and play the real deal BLUE RIBBON BALL this year! JULY 28th at the always awesome 40 Watt! Also the theme will not be some lame ass "Under The Sea" crap. Ours will be much cooler and proper dress is mandatory! Don't even THINK about walking in there in flannel!

(ed. note: we are still totally going to the shows at the 40 Watt)


like a eagle said...

this may be the biggest WTF ever.

Jon said...

this is really, really weird. i'm scared now.

chris hassiotis said...

The only weird thing is that it was announced well after they'd already sold out both nights.

teamhelen said...

mmj! you're dead to me.