Thursday, February 22, 2007

The New Rags' analog jamz.

Download: The New Rags—"Your Room"

Man, I am really excited to bring this to you! Of course, if you’re from Australia you already know this jam from a Nike commercial. I think it's hot in Japan, too (they were climbing the iTunes alternative charts there--last time I checked they were #2!?). But does anyone read this blog, much less Australians or Japanese folks?

Anyway, this song is raw, raucous fun from the two-man dynamo The New Rags. It’s just a drummer and a completely overdriven Fender Rhodes, two lines of lyrics, some uh-uh-uh's, and it's all totally. The songs on the New Rags' Take Jennie To Brooklyn! EP are short bursts of insanity with some filthy licks. I’ll hit you with some more MP3s soon. I really, really like this band. It reminds me of the best Quasi stuff, but the rest of the band's oeuvre is more diverse than this song suggests.

Added points to the label Silent Stereo Records (operated by the New Rags), who believe in naturalist analog recordings that preserve the natural tempo fluctuations, mistakes, tics, pops, and fun of the tape-driven recording days of yore.

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