Monday, February 05, 2007

Pa-Pa-Pants Man!

I know you've all probably seen this a million times, but it deserves to be shown again and again and again. It leaves me with so many questions (SPOILER ALERT):
  • Why are the parents standing around watching the kid poop? Doesn't that make him uncomfortable?
  • Is it inappropriate to wear pants in Japan until one poops successfully in a toilet? Illegal even?
  • Now that we know that our urine and fecal matter is sentient (and quite cute) should we be sad every time we excrete waste matter into our (talking) toilets? The tigers didn't seem too sad about it. What happens to said anthropomorphic waste matter? Where does it go? Does it die?
  • On that same note, does every single inanimate object in Japan have eyes and feelings and stuff? If so, is it awesome or creepy to live there? I suspect a little bit of both...
  • Is that little boy tiger, um...I mean, does he have a little, you know? Thingy. Ew....
Watch and ponder:

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