Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sister Vanilla! Return of JAMC...sorta!

Download: Sister Vanilla--"Jamcolas"
Download: Sister Vanilla--"Can't Stop The Rock"

Man, it's been a long time since William and Jim Reid (and the inimitable Ben Lurie) played music together under the Jesus and Mary Chain rubric, and the world has been lesser because of it. In fact, my last major Chain experience (besides wearing out my Darklands and Psychocandy cassettes) was a not-so-good one. I saw them with Mercury Rev (who ruled) the day after William and Jim got into some major fight, and the band was just Jim and company. And it was very, very clear that something was missing up there on stage. Jim seemed downright despondent, but they soldiered on. Even with the awkward emptiness on one side of the stage, it was hard to deny those songs.

Now they're back, for the much-publicized reunion tour, and, more importantly, a record of new material backing sister Linda in the band Sister Vanilla. And it's amazing. What does it sound like? It sounds like they never left. It's great. It's refreshing. It's comforting. Linda's influence makes the whole affair softer at times (a la the excellent Stoned and Dethroned), but it definitely has a heavy duty Darklands vibe to it, although there's a unique "offness" to the whole affair. All of the solos feel brilliantly loose...all of the hooks are catchy as hell, but slightly improper. Honestly, I can't contain my excitement. I'd wait another ten years for a record like this (but I don't want to).

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