Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tacks, the boy Disaster

Download: Tacks, the boy Disaster -- "Matilda"

'Cropper favorites Midlake brought this Texas band along with them for the first leg of their ongoing US tour. Unfortunately, the tour came through our neck of the woods on none other than Superbowl Sunday, and while we at Team Clermont are fans of the music, our boss/co-worker/friend, Bill Benson, is an even bigger fan of Chicago sports, and the odds of us missing a single minute of the Bears first appearance on the NFL's biggest stage in over twenty years was slim to none. So, long story short, we missed Tacks' performance, which I am more than a little embarrassed about. Fortunately for us, Eric from Midlake demanded that I go home with a copy of their EP, Oh, Beatrice, which you can buy here, and I haven't stopped listening to it since.

Although it isn't immediately apparent on the song we're offering today, which reminds me more of the softer songs of The Microphones, they have a lot in common with their tour/state-mates, and apparently once shared a member. In addition to sounding great, the EP is handsomely packaged making it even more of a must have. The band has plans to do more touring, has a few videos up its sleeve, and will soon release another single prior prepping their full-length, so you should hear more about them soon.

I realize that I haven't actually said that much about the song I posted today, and while I do sometimes agree with the criticism that blogs don't do enough insightful writing about the music that they're posting, I mean c'mon, the song is right up there. You don't need my hackneyed metaphors and cliched comparisons to ruin it for you any more than they already have, right?

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