Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Voices that Care

Today, out of nowhere, I quoted the chorus of this song to somebody. It brought back so many fond memories of 1991. This song is pretty amazing, true it's no "We Are the World" but I argue that this is way better. There is some surreal mingling going on in this vid, my personal favorite is Orel Hirshceiser hanging out with the Fonz.
How many Early 90's Celeberties can you name? First person to name the all wins a Crystal Pepsi!
Extra Credit if you know who the hell the bald dude is at the end.


Grant said...

Ralph Tresvant (New Edition)
Randy Travis
Celine Dion
Peter Cetera
Bobby Brown & (?)
Bret Michaels
Luther Vandross
Magic Johnson & Michael Jordan
Dominique Wilkins, Ahmad Rashad, & (?)
David Robinson
Garth Brooks & (?)
Michael Bolton
The Pointer Sisters
Little Richard
Will Smith
Mark Knopfler
Bobby Brown (Again)
Bret Michaels (Again)
Kenny G.
Whoopi Goldberg
Chevy Chase & Brooke Shields
Kurt Russell
William Shatner
Mike Tyson
James Woods & Meryl Streep
Marcus Allen & Brian Bosworth
Ted Danson
Celine Dion (Again)
Richard Gere, Gary Busey, Michelle Pfeiffer, Fred Savage, Billy Crystal, Alyssa Milano, Sally Field, Downtown Julie Brown, Dudley Moore, Jon Lovitz, Jimmy Buffett, Harry Hamlin, Marilu Henner, Blair Underwood, Orel Hershiser, Henry Winkler, Al Jarreau, Kevin Costner, Paul Williams, Don King, Mickey Dolenz, Clarence Clemons,
And I think the bald guy is Christopher Cross.
Too much to deal with, and I can't say for sure why I did.

Team Clermont Lucas said...

Oh my God, I can't believe I have never even HEARD of this. And I remember Hear'N Aid!

I have no idea who that guy at the end is? Bud Cort? Paul Williams?

Remember when Mike Tyson was legit?

And how many of these liberal Hollywood elites are supporting the troops now? Turncoats!

Jared said...

I think it must be this dude Warren Wiebe www.warrenwiebe.com