Thursday, February 15, 2007


I sat around for about 5 minutes today think about things to say about this, but really it's one of those rare bits of art that truly speaks for itself. I will give you somethings to look forward to though
0:01 - remember that accent you will never hear it again
0:09 - bolo tie, meet ascot. Ascot, meet bolo tie
0:18 - Bolo suddenly remembers she's from Queens
1:12 - based on her wardrobe, Linda clearly left her brain cells at home.
1:30 - He's going for a Jalepeno popper monopoly!
2:16 - the smoke here may help explain Linda's later behavior
2:21 - Like pouring coffee on an electronic piece of equipment
2:37 - Little known fact, this rap is what inspired Snow
3:03 - Corporate strip tease! WOOOOOT!
3:13 - Windows 386: sure to turn you into the whore you always knew you could be
3:32 - I love how William treats Linda the way i treat people when I accidentally walk in on them snorting coke
4:27 - This is the first and last time a girl will ever sit in William's Lap
5:40 - Mr. Payne's night job is doing voice over work for Santa Claus
6:03 - Uh-oh, I saw this scene before in Jerry Maguire
and end it with a freeze frame. ENJOY

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Matthew said...

Christ, I worry for you. Do you take your pills regularly, because you should.