Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eye In The Sky

Download: Alan Parsons Project -- "Eye In The Sky"

Let's see, how did this track make its way back into our lives? I guess I first thought about the song again when Marc Hogan aptly compared Midlake's 2006 hit "Roscoe" to EITS in his review of The Trials of Van Occupanther. Then, a few months later, as fate would have it, the song reared its head again on a Razor & Tie compilation, Smooth Rock, which we were fortunate enough to have sent our way. While I won't bore you with a description of my entirely sincere, non-ironic infatuation with yacht rock, nor my thwarted plans for an awesome Team Clermont tenth anniversary yacht-rock themed prom, I will tell you that even a potential Smooth Rock enthusiast such as myself was soon rendered powerless to listen to any track other than "Eye In The Sky" again and again. You can't tell me this song isn't the jam, you just can't.


GalagaShip said...

Huge fan of the song myself, and this is the first time I'd heard (or considered) the Roscoe connection.

That said, I must take umbrage at the "Yacht Rock" reference. As commonly applied, YR is a term reserved for mellow, overproduced, late '70s mellow-to-midtempo balladry from L.A., usually associated with Michael McDonald, mid-era Kenny Loggins, Toto, etc., etc. Not to be confused with Mellow Gold, the lineage of which can be traced (and mocked and secretly loved) over at jasonhare.com.

... Meanshile, "Eye In The Sky" is neither. The Alan Parsons Project was British, the song is from '83, and lyrically it's about as far as smooth, hairy-chested, medallion-wearin' lothario love as one can get.

Therefore, I submit to you that it is not Yacht Rock but a lush progressive ballad.

I also submit to you that I have too much time on my hands.

j0np0lk said...

Thanks for the comment galagaship. I think there's definitely something to your line of thinking, especially since, as I mentioned in the post, "Eye In The Sky" stood out so much against the other tracks in the Smooth Rock compilation.

I feel I have to defend myself to some extent as I didn't necessarily intend to lump APP in with Yacht Rock, which I've got no problem with, it was just on the same comp as a bunch of the other guys that normally get lumped in to that category.

Either way, thanks for reading, and glad you like the song

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