Monday, March 05, 2007

Future Clouds and Radar.

Download: Future Clouds and Radar -- "Drugstore Bust"
Download: Future Clouds and Radar -- "Dr. No"

Formerly working under the guise of Cotton Mather, Austin based musician Robert Harrison has once again sprung into form with his new project, Future Clouds and Radar. Of course, Future Clouds and Radar would want to take you futher back into the past than 2001, the last time that Cotton Mather put out a full-length record. Indeed 1,000,000 B.C. is where this band finds its origins, according to the group's bio, which includes mention of the discovery of rice farming and the Industrial Revolution.

Signed to The Star Apple Kingdom, Harrison has assembled a double-disc debut that crosses at least a dozen genre boundaries. That can be expected, given the nature of a two CD release, but what is impressive is the quality of the songwriting througout the recordings. The New Yorker describes Future Clouds and Radar as "orchestral art rock" and elsewhere as "kaleidoscopic art-pop." As Wolf Notes puts it, "Future Clouds and Radar is a glorious mess of sunshine recorded with a full-fidelity, widescreen shimmer and a horn section." If you have ever found yourself craving a combination of Guided By Voices and the Flaming Lips, or if the idea sounds appealing to you now, you will come pretty close with Future Clouds and Radar.

Harrison and company will be performing in New York for the next two nights, and then they will find themselves back home for the glory that is SXSW! By the way, the record is available for sale now on their website.

Upcoming shows:

03.06.07 New York, NY The Living Room
03.07.07 New York, NY Pianos
03.12.07 Austin, TX Egos
03.14.07 Austin, TX Light Bar (SXSW Showcase)
03.15.07 Austin, TX Headquarters (Mint Records Hootenanny, 1:30P)
03.15.07 Austin, TX Acoustic on KUT/WXPN (5:30P)
03.17.07 Austin, TX Cafe Mundi (3:00P)

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