Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Grass Roots Record Company

Download: MARIEE SIOUX - - "Two Tounges At One Time"

There is something in the water in Nevada City, CA. I was told that it was gold and I'm inclined to agree. The city that has been called home by some of the most creative figures in recent history including Allen Ginsberg, Utah Phillips, Jonathan Richman, and Joanna Newsom has been a breeding ground for a new breed of musical genius.

The new Nevada City label, Grass Roots Record Company, has collected some of cities brightest for the innagural release Family Album.

From label creator Marc Snegg's linear notes: "Over the course of two weeks, twenty groups from or connected to Nevada City, California crowded into the Brighton Sound Studio to record their songs live and direct into the microphone. Inspired by releases from such seminal record companies like Sun, Motown, Elektra, and Studio One, Grass Roots Record Co.’s Family Album is filled with songs you will want to hear many times over. They are lasting, infectious melodies— honest music in a world where truth telling is a great revolutionary act."

This promise does not disappoint. The album is an organic behemoth that features a diverse collection of artists such as Alela Diane, Casual Fog, Hella, and Mariee Sioux (whose track you should download right the eff now and be prepared to be completely blown away)

The album is currently available online and will receive a national release June 19th.

And you can look forward to new full lengths from other Grass Roots Recording artists later this year including: Aaron Ross, Lee Bob Watson, and Mariee Sioux.

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