Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just Be Friends and the Eternal Hammjamm


Download: Je Suis France—“That Don’t Work That Well For Us”

Download: Je Suis France—“Whalebone"

I love this band. I love their new album, Afrikan Majik. I once attended a Michael McDonald/Hall and Oates concert with a few of 'em. Instead of parroting the press release, though, I will present some haikus I wrote for the band a while back:

Mystical shaman--
Stringed sticks alight with vibing--
Spew inner brilliance

From France? No, stupid
From Titannia they ride
Mixed-up mastery

Hot and fresh new jamz
From allegiance of jock rock
Fie, New Edition!

Speaker blow-out, bitch!
Fucking France topping the charts
Skanks are for free now

Equestrian run
Loping into red sunset
Cowboys on rock fuel

We are King Midas
Flinging gold from our fingers
The magic of bling

I think those speak for themselves.

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Paul K said...

Skanks are free now that the France is in town...meanwhile Still Flyin' is taking the Viper Gospel to Sweden next week....keep it realz my friends...