Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lost in the Trees

Download: Lost in the Trees—“Tall Trees”

Ari Picker is the crazy-talented leader of the wonderful band, The Never. He was also in the wonderful band, The B-Sides. You may remember The Never from their wonderful storybook record, Antarctica, which featured artwork and words from Mr. Crazy-Talented himself. Well, now Ari is back, with string section in tow, for the ambitious (and wonderful) project called Lost in the Trees, wherein he comes down somewhere between the towering verticalization of a Danny Elfman and the charming quirkiness of Mark Mothersbaugh’s recent work, all with lovelorn vocals that scuff up the polish just the right amount. It is all truly wonderful.

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joah! said...

just to clarify- it was Noah who wrote and illustrated Antarctica the book.
How's it going dudes?