Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Own Private Cinema

Download: Slaraffenland--"Polaroids"

I really want to say something expressive and artsy-fartsy about how this record makes me feel, but it's difficult for me to enunciate what's so engaging about it. I know this sounds like "crit-speak," but it's kind of where I wanted Radiohead to go after Kid A. Slaraffenland doesn't sound like Radiohead necessarily, but it's the kind of experimental, claustrophobic, fractured pop that I wanted them to make after hearing the track "National Anthem." Private Cinema has intertia. It's all tightly wound, tensing on the edge of experimentalism without fully jumping in, like the best of Sonic Youth's work. I listen to it, and it makes me a little unnerved, like listening to (and these are not direct analogues, mind you) There's A Riot Going On or Here, My Dear. That's hefty praise, I know, and I'm not ready to say that Slaraffenland is a Sly or a Marvin Gaye or anything: it just has that smothering, persistent, "on the precipice" feel that I dig so much.

Okay. I've written myself in a corner. Just go ahead and download "Polaroids". It's probably the poppiest thing on the record, but it's weirder than you think. Which is a great thing. How many bands these days are weird AND catchy? Not enough.

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