Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bowling, Booze, Birthday, Booze, Bands, Booze.

Download: Gringo Star - "No Reason"

Guess who just won $9 dollars playing the Georgia Lottery?!

Tuesday, April 10th, I celebrated my 27th birthday, and my first birthday in Athens! I had actually already been celebrating for two days. I made the short drive to Atlanta on Easter Sunday night to see Sebadoh. That should have been enough to satisfy me, but Monday night's show at the 40 Watt was something I just could not pass up. Dark Meat and Elf Power were playing a benefit show for Nuci's Space, and Of Montreal played a karaoke set. I nearly lost my voice shouting along to their rendition of "Don't Stop Believing." I also found a copy of Fo Montreal, re-mix album done by another Athens resident/musician, which you should definitely listen to.

So, back to Tuesday. The good people that I work bought a massive cookie cake and sang the "Happy Birthday" song in various made up languages. Kristin brought me a huge bag of presents, including some Fun Dip, Pez, Jolly Ranchers, balloons, whistles, temporary tattoos, gummi bears, and a big bouncy ball. After work we went to Taste of India, where I dined on really incredible saag paneer. All evening long, JJ kept mentioning a meeting that he was supposed to have at 8:30pm. I thought he was being cryptic to hide a surprise party at someone's home. Once we got in the car and started driving, I noticed that we passed the part of town where eveyone lives, and then we were completely out of the downtown area. At that point I realized where we were headed: KINGPINS!

Between sets on Monday night, I had mentioned my desire to go bowling to several friends on the following night. However, I really had no idea that we would be actually do it, so I was genuinely surprised to see my friends waiting for me at Kingpins. They were convinced that I had figured out the plan since I had talked about bowling so much the prior night. Needless to say, I had an incredible time! Got a strike in my first frame, took some shots, knocked more pins over, and a scratched off a few lottery tickets! To top it all off, I had the high score in the second round of bowling, with a 145!

Then it was off to the Caledonia Lounge to see Gringo Star, who were once known as A Fir-Ju Well. More shots were taken. I talked to Nick Furgiuele, who plays guitar for Gringo Star, about life on the campus of Georgia Tech back in 1997. The band too the stage and managed to put on a really impressive set, and the songs on the self-titled EP definitely sounded great live. Then we took more shots.

Needless to say, I'm ready to go home and get some rest, but I think you should go see Gringo Star play in your town!

Apr 11 2007 8:00P The Earl Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 13 2007 8:00P The Comet Cincinnati, Ohio
Apr 14 2007 8:00P The Basement Columbus, Ohio
Apr 19 2007 8:00P Head on The Door Montgomery, Alabama
Apr 20 2007 8:00P Blue Cats Knoxville, Tennessee
Apr 21 2007 8:00P Workplay Theater Birmingham, Alabama
Apr 27 2007 8:00P Casa Burrito Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Apr 28 2007 8:00P The Dame Lexington, Kentucky
May 11 2007 8:00P Hostel 639 London, England
May 12 2007 8:00P Seaxe Brentwood, England
May 13 2007 4:00P Hannakins Chelmsford, England
May 13 2007 8:00P the Bassment Chelmsford, England
May 15 2007 8:00P the Musician Leicester, England
May 16 2007 8:00P TC's Nightclub Carlisle, England
May 18 2007 8:00P Lincoln Imp Scunthorpe, England
May 20 2007 2:00P The Springhead Anlaby, Nr.Hull, England
May 22 2007 8:00P Zoo Bar St. Helens, England
May 23 2007 8:00P The Cavern Club Liverpool, England
May 24 2007 8:00P The Cavern Club Liverpool, England
May 25 2007 2:00P Haslingden High School Haslingden, England
May 25 2007 8:00P Bacup Leisure Hall Bacup, England
May 26 2007 8:00P TBC Carlisle, England
May 28 2007 8:00P The Maze Nottingham, England

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