Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Gary Carters

Download: The Gary Carters -- "Walkin With Jesus" (Spacemen 3)

Baseball is back upon us, and I couldn't be happier. In honor of baseball, I bring you, The Gary Carters. This group has always been in the running for my favorite band on the label most near and dear to my heart, Colonial Recordings USA. Their three EP series:

CR-038 The Gary Carters "Iran Contras Child" cassette
CR-039 The Gary Carters "Off My Mind" cassette
CR-040 The Gary Carters "California is Burning" cassette

is an absolute must have in my humble opinion. This Spacemen 3 cover, displays the Gary Carters seemingly contradictory sonic signature of marrying lo-fi and high tech seamlessly. Though the hiss of tape is audible throughout the track, and the backbone of the song is a simple, repetitive guitar line; as the song progresses, the GCs layer on more guitars, and a fuzzy organ to underpin the reverb soaked, matter of fact vocal delivery which ultimately blasts off into the red under a torrent of manipulated noise that would make Deerhunter proud. So yeah, contact their label, and ask them to put a little something together for ya. Tell them the 'Cropper sent ya, and they'll be sure to give you a nice price.

Full disclosure: Yours truly is both friends with the members of the band in this post, as well as their bad-assed label. To make matters worse, I've even been in a few of the bands on Colonial. So, there's that.

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