Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jacob Danziger

Download -- Jacob Danziger -- "For Zach"

Poking about the internet over the weekend, I stumbled across Jacob Danziger's label, Naming Distances. The track I've posted above comes from the label's first release, which bears the same name as its label. The album was created with a violin, and a guitar loop pedal served as the only means of electronic processing. This sense of spartan instrumentation is quite apparent in, "For Zach".

A 7-8 eight second segment of violin is looped for the duration of the songs' six minutes. Beneath the hynoptic drone of the looped violin, there is a faint gurgling of plucked strings, and a bit of quiet see-saw bowed violin. The see-saw bowed violin starts out faintly, appears to drop out for much of the second minute, but is then re-introduced near the two-minute mark. Around the 3:00 minute mark, the hand-picked strings begin to grow louder, taking over the seat of prominence in the listener's ear, as the faint see-saw remains in the distant background. The piece ends with the picked strings striking alone in rain-like sequence. The piece is at once hynoptic and engaging. The over-arching drone of the song is supplemented by the intense listening that the interplay of the segments requires in the listener as the pieces of the tune slip in and out of place at a crawl.

Having grown up amongst an amazingly prolific and creative crew in Michigan and New York City, Danziger is a regular contributor to a staggering number of bands. He currently studies electronic music at Mills College in Oakland, California. You can read other writing on his music here and here. You can purchase Naming Distances and other releases from his label here.

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