Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Marlboro Chorus

Download: The Marlboro Chorus -- "Love is in Love "

Download: The Marlboro Chorus -- "Doctor I'm Sick"

With the other 'croppers taking what appears to be an extremely long break from posting after sxsw, I guess I'll pull double duty this week and put this post up on, The Marlboro Chorus. The band first came to my attention via one of our former interns, Donovan Babb - currently drumming for the neverendingly touring, The Winter Sounds. Back in what must be 2004, he pulled two of their records out of what I have to assume were the Team C stacks, and singled them out for further listening. The band held a fairly steady spot in our intra-office listening rotation for quite some time. Doing some research, in an attempt to remember the name of the two records in question (Good Luck and Entangled), it became quite clear that we were dealing with a band quite possibly as prolific as Je Suis France.

As you can see, if you look over towards our links, we welcome submissions from anyone that cares to send songs our way, but rarely do we get them, and even more rarely are the submissions something that I feel excited about posting on. So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw an email in our box from the label, Future Appletree Records discussing the upcoming full-length, American Dreamers, by The Marlboro Chorus, and it had MP3 links to boot! Sweetening the already overwhelmingly tasty pot, I come to find out that The Marlboro Chorus's Patrick Stolley is the main recording engineer for none other than the Cropper approved, Let's add it up: we've got some fantastic power-pop tunes from a band featuring a member of one of our favorite websites. Their record is going to be released by a nice indie label, which took the time to reach out to us in an attempt to promote their artists. Mix that in with a lack of effort from my fellow 'Cropper posters, and ladies and gentelemen, you've got yourself a blog post.

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