Monday, April 09, 2007

The Show Is The Rainbow!

Download: The Show Is The Rainbow -- "Do The Skinny"

Have you ever seen The Show Is The Rainbow? If you're saying to yourself, "possibly, but I don't remember", then the answer is NO. TSITR is one of unforgettable experiences that will stick with you for a long time. Then again, if you don't remember seeing TSITR live, it might just be that you were knocked unconscious by Darren Keen's intensity.

I was first exposed to TSITR in the summer of 2005, while quietly sitting on a chair in Athens' Go Bar. Darren looked at my friend and I and shouted, "that's cute, these guys think it's story time!" From that point on, he began to rock our faces off, take his shirt off, wipe his sweaty beard on Ben's face, and hit the concrete after falling out of a chair. Since then I've seen him two more times performing on bills with bands like Japanther and Yip-Yip, and each time has been a uniquely spastic experience.

TSITR's new album, "Gymnasia" is out on S.A.F. Records, and is a blitzkreig of synthesizers and vocal shredding, and Joel Peterson (of The Faint, Broken Spindles and Beep Beep) worked behind the boards on many of the tracks on the album.

The video below was taken in Omaha, and features TSITR in full-band mode.

This does not do any justice to the actual live experience, so be sure to go out to one of these shows! Notice, the man will hardly be taking a break! So, if you go to one of these shows, bring him a Powerbar or a Bawls!

Apr 9 2007 Art Bar Las Vegas, Nevada
Apr 10 2007 Modified Phoenix, Arizona
Apr 11 2007 The Smell w/ TBA Los Angeles, California
Apr 12 2007 Cafe Pergolesi Santa Cruz, California
Apr 13 2007 Biko Goleta, California
Apr 14 2007 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, California
Apr 15 2007 Off Liimits Chico, California
Apr 16 2007 Towne Lounge Portland, Oregon
Apr 17 2007 Ride The Bull Portland, Oregon
Apr 18 2007 Comet Tavern Seattle, Washington
Apr 19 2007 Area Code Boise, Idaho
Apr 21 2007 3 kings tavern Denver, Colorado
Apr 24 2007 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, Iowa
Apr 27 2007 Beat Kitchen Chicago, Illinois
Apr 27 2007 Beat Kitchen Chicago, Illinois
Apr 28 2007 Skelletones Grand Rapids, Michigan
Apr 29 2007 Myspace Cafe Roseville, Michigan
May 1 2007 Mad Hatter Covington, Kentucky
May 2 2007 Keswick Democratic Club Louisville, Kentucky
May 3 2007 The Reverb Cedar Falls, Iowa
May 4 2007 Studio Academy Rochester, Minnesota
May 5 2007 The Warehouse La Crosse, Wisconsin
May 6 2007 Station 4 St. Paul, Minnesota
May 7 2007 The SPEC Decatur, Illinois
May 8 2007 Frankies Toledo, Ohio
May 9 2007 Pirates Cove Cleveland, Ohio
May 10 2007 The Big Bop Toronto, Ontario
May 11 2007 The Vinyl Guelf, Ontario
May 12 2007 Club L'Ambi Montreal, Quebec
May 14 2007 Middle East Cambridge, Massachusetts
May 16 2007 The Fire Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
May 17 2007 LoFi Social Club Baltimore, Maryland
May 18 2007 The Silo Reading, Utah
May 19 2007 Hyperlink Richmond, Virginia
May 20 2007 Club Relevant Virginia Beach, Virginia
May 21 2007 Lucky's Pub Wilmington, North Carolina
May 23 2007 Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
May 27 2007 Exit/In Nashville, Tennessee
May 29 2007 Remingtons Springfield, Missouri
May 30 2007 The Bottleneck Lawrence, Kansas
Jun 21 2007 Dreiraum @ Arena Wien, AUSTRIA
Jun 22 2007 Blaue Traube Erlangen, GERMANY
Jun 23 2007 K4 Nurenberg, GERMANY
Jun 24 2007 Dirt Kassel, GERMANY


Neener said...

Well, if this video does The Show is The Rainbow "no justice" then how about posting an MP3 at least?!?

Nate said...

Darren rules, and the new layout is nice.

Sarah said...

check out this video from S.A.F. records:

Adi said...

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