Thursday, April 05, 2007

Solter Remixes Again

Photo by and via: John Vanderslice

Download: Scott Solter remixes John Vanderslice -- "Plymouth Rock"

Perennial 'Cropper fave, Scott Solter, has struck again and with similar weapons: machines, razors, and tape. That's right, it's another of his soon to be famous analog remixes. This time the target is none other than, John Vanderslices's, Pixel Revolt. Much like his remix of Pattern Is Movement, Canonic, Scott's analog machinations so thoroughly place his stamp on the source material here that the remix has created an entirely new beast- one that is definitively the product of Scott Solter. However, the more of his recontextualizations I hear, the more I begin to feel that each one is perfectly suited as a companion to the original record. Whereas his re-working of PIM was large, banging, and heavy in its distortions, The Pixel Revolt remix, while equally large, moves at a more glacial pace at times more reminiscent of his solo album, One River. Slow, crystalline, and patient the work's precision is monumental. I've included the first track above for a taste, but you really ought to do yourself a no-brainer of a favor, and get the whole remix here.

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